How to decorate your room with storage shelves?
11.23.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Those who like to see their house in order have a great ally in the decoration with storage shelves. When used well, this item helps to organize spaces and promotes an aesthetic gain. In small environments, it allows the creation of storage areas without the need to support a piece of furniture on the floor, adding amplitude and improving circulation.

How to decorate your room with storage shelves?

But do you know how to decorate your living room, bedroom, kitchen or other space with shelves? Rest assured that we will bring inspiration from now on. This feature makes it easy to explore items such as:

  • Books
  • Plants

 Decorative objects in the composition of the environment, in short, a multitude of possibilities to customize your space.

Before the tips, an important detail: If you think that storage shelves are all the same, learn that there are options with different formats and materials, such as:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • cement and
  • Metal

The supports can be visible.

Another important piece of information about storage shelves:

Installation is simple, requiring only a few tools and a little skill to work with a drill and screwdriver. Knowing how to correctly measure and mark with the help of a measuring tape is also necessary.

This will prevent the shelves from becoming uneven and crooked. Generally speaking, they must be installed at a height between 1.60 to 1.75 meters. In case of difficulties, however, it is ideal to have the help of a professional storage shelves installer.

Now that you've learned about the types and possibilities of installation, it's time to list 13 tips for decorating each room in your home. After all, in addition to having a great option for organization, a shelf can make a difference to the beauty and harmony of a home.

Decor with shelves that integrates the dining table

In this room on the floor, the differentiated shelf unfolds into a dining table

About the TV: with storage shelves above the living room rack, on top of the TV, you can house electronic devices, such as cable TV or digital TV converters, and decorative objects, such as photo frames, vase, potted plant and even books.

Behind the sofa: used more and more, this trend allows the support of paintings and other types with engravings on the shelves. In addition to saving the wall from having several holes to hang each item, this alternative allows an easy migration of decorative objects.

Misaligned: Remember that shelves don't need to be perfectly aligned to ensure the ultimate impact you want. This can bring a more laid-back air to the house, by the way. For the more cool ones, this is a golden tip, as shown in the image below.

Outdoor area with sofa and shelves

The interspersed shelves guarantee a special charm and facilitate the addition of other objects to the decoration of this outdoor area, with Summer Gold on the floor

With plants: those who have a balcony and want to expand their contact with nature can make the environment greener with plants on storage shelves.

Gourmet: those who have the possibility of having a gourmet balcony can take advantage of part of the space.  They can install shelves to store the most beautiful culinary objects, such as glasses or pans. Another option is to bet on a small bar to house some drinks. It usually water meetings between family and friends.

Storage shelves bring practicality to this bathroom


Practicality: those who value the ease of routine can take advantage of the presence of shelves on the walls to turn them into towel racks or support for the storage of perfumes, creams and other items used for body hygiene. They must be of material more resistant to wet environments.

Location: In small spaces, storage shelves can be over the toilet. In bathrooms that value ample space, the option is to work with the area under the sink. It is to store routine items, such as soap and shampoo. Or even a corner shelf, depending on where the sink was installed in the home.

Room with centralized double bed

In a practical way, a shelf helps in the decoration of this room, with us on the floor

Pictures: more and more decorators and architects are betting on shelves to receive pictures in their rooms. In one fell swoop, this process avoids a more elaborate installation of heavy parts and facilitates the space renovation process.

Or have you never given up on buying a painting? You stopped and thought that, after the purchase, you would still have the trouble of removing the old objects from the wall and installing the newer ones?

Headboard storage shelves

 If the person has an extensive literary work, a cabinetmaker can create a kind of bookcase, with some storage shelves serving. It is to store books and others composing the landscape. Moreover, it allows the adoption of a kind of headboard. With creativity and dedication, it is also possible to buy the parts and carry out the installation itself.

Baby: in baby and children's rooms a little bigger, a shelf over the crib or even in the opposite direction allows the storage of items such as:

  • Ointment
  • talcum powder
  • alcohol and other accessories

These are frequently used by parents with their children in their daily lives. Colorful models bring a unique joy to the environment.

Toy library: in homes with little available space, it is possible to store most of the toys on storage shelves on the wall. For those who, even with technological evolution, do not give up a comic book, why not turn one or more shelves into a comic book library?

Kitchen with storage shelves

Everyday objects displayed on the shelves of this kitchen with Summer Nude on the floor and Blue Tone Embroidery on the wall

Collections: Have you ever imagined how the kitchen would look beautiful when valuing certain routine objects? A set of pans can be placed on top of storage shelves, drawing attention to even the most distracted visitor. There is also the option of placing seasoning holders in these structures, or even cutting knives and other similar pieces.


Alternative: anyone who is bold enough or sees the budget running out before the work is finished can bet on open shelves in the kitchen. This shows everything that should be used, such as:

  • Pans, plates, pots and other items. This is a charming, practical and economical option, as shelves cost much less than complete cabinets.