Wrought iron wall decoration in china: Best Ideas 2022
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The wall is, for many, the heart of the home. Gradually, she returns to the role of gathering family and friends, as she used to play in our grandparents' house. However, now the environment has evolved, gained colors, technology and started to follow new wrought iron wall decoration in china.

Especially in times where space is at a premium, wall decor must follow some fundamental criteria, which we will discuss in this article.


Wall decor should provide, above all, practicality. The planned wall must respect the flow of movement. The famous “triangle” refrigerator, sink and stove facilitate everyday life and still prevail as an important concept in decoration.

 The triangulation of movement in the wall includes: 1 – removing the food from the refrigerator. 2 – Put it under the sink and 3 – Take it to the stove.

The ideal space for circulation is 1.20 m, which allows the presence of 2 people or 1 person with the cabinet doors open.

Linear wrought iron wall decoration in china

The shape of the environment will influence the wall decor. The image below shows the most common wall models and the recommended distribution, always trying to preserve the triangular movement mentioned above.

Wall models


The L-shaped wall is one of the most functional wrought iron wall decoration in china. Motion triangulation in this wall model is preserved. Ideally, the sink and fridge should be on the same wall. This format fits well in those little used corners of the house, taking up space on both walls.


The U-shaped wall model is one of the formats that allows for better circulation and distribution of furniture, countertops, cabinets and accessories. U-shaped walls usually require a large space. It also allows you to place an island in the middle.


The linear wall does not allow triangular movement, but linear. For this reason, the recommendation is that the sink is in the middle, between the fridge and the stove, and that it preserves a space on the countertop next to the sink to serve as support. A tip to free up space on the countertop is cooktop stoves.

This is the wall model recommended wrought iron wall decoration in china, where the wall is at least 3 meters. The linear wall is ideal for studios or small apartments where there is little space. Usually in these situations it occupies an entire wall and is open to the rest of the house.

Parallel wrought iron wall decoration in china

The parallel wall or hallway types are, as the name suggests, two countertops in a row, facing each other, with a space for circulation between them.

Linear wall - Types of cuisine


The wall is a place of work! Therefore, the decoration must provide for a lighting project that prioritizes functionality over aesthetics. In addition to ensuring visual comfort, lighting needs to be an ally when preparing and cooking. In this sense, the type of light and its arrangement in the environment must faithfully reproduce the colors and perception of food.

The tip for a good lighting project is to mix general light with lights at specific points. The general, even light will preserve the functionality as a whole, for better circulation and also for finding items in closets and shelves.

The spot light will be an aid in wrought iron wall decoration in china. It prevents the person's body from casting a shadow on the food or countertop, as it will be a directed light.

Wall Lighting - Decoration

The lighting design in wall decor should separate the lights by type, color and intensity. In the cooking and preparation points, the most recommended is the white light, of stronger intensity. As for general light, facing the circulation space, yellowish lights can be used.

This composition between white and yellow light in the wall setting is fundamental, since the former refers more to work and stimulates activity, while the yellow tones reduce the rhythm, bringing coziness and relaxation.

There are 4 (four) the most common and appropriate types of lamp:

Wrought iron wall decoration in china is common incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LED. Fluorescents have always been widely used in walls and service areas because they are strong and white, illuminating the entire environment evenly, in addition to being more economical.

 However, new LED technologies have been gaining market share and bringing better and better solutions. Learn more about the types of lamps and their characteristics here.

Wall Lighting - Wall Models

Of course, we cannot leave aside the aesthetic and decorative issue. Once the functionality of the environment as a whole is preserved, it's time to make the wall beautiful! We have already mentioned LED lamps, which in addition to being practical and economical, are very decorative.

They are easy to apply and can be positioned under cabinets, shelves and tilting, bringing a very sophisticated and modern effect.

Beware of colored lights in the wall lighting

 They can camouflage the reality of food, getting in the way of everyday tasks. However, as long as they are positioned at points not directly related to the preparation and cooking of food, they can be used.

After a busy and tiring day of work and activities, nothing better than the warmth of wrought iron wall decoration in china. In this sense, the double bedroom plays a key role in the house. The decoration of a double bedroom must be very well planned so that the environment is comfortable, practical, beautiful and also romantic.


The most important piece of furniture in a double bedroom is, of course, the bed. There are some official double bed sizes, with the King Size being the largest, measuring 2.03 m long by 1.93 m wide. However, the King Size bed is not always the most suitable option. In small rooms, for example, it can occupy the entire environment, compromising the rest of the decor.