6 Wrought Iron Pergola Decoration Mistakes in 2022
03.16.2022 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

When furnishing a house, many owners want to repeat the same wrought iron pergola design and follow the trends. However, this is not always possible. The result is an unfortunate interior. How to avoid annoying mistakes?

Mistake #1: Lighting with wrought iron pergola

If you are not a professional designer, then you are likely to make several mistakes when working with light. But the right lighting not only makes the room stylish and beautiful, but also comfortable.

Therefore, lighting should be given special attention along with wrought iron pergola. Light sources should be located at different heights - this way the space will be illuminated depending on the situation (receiving guests, reading a book, watching TV). A very convenient option would be a dimmer - with its help you can adjust the intensity of lighting depending on your needs.

The light in the apartment can be:

  • main (chandeliers)
  • local (sconces, floor lamps, lamps)
  • Decorative (ceiling lighting).

Bright wrought iron pergola has the same power as diffuse ones. Their intensity is regulated according to the needs of the owner of the house.

Mistake number 2: wrought iron pergola decor

The second mistake is an overabundance or lack of things. Well-chosen decor elements (vases, paintings) will bring comfort and emphasize the style of the room.

Even when working with restrained and strict minimalism, designers add a couple of decorative items to the interior: without them, there is a high risk of getting a room with a cold and lifeless atmosphere.

A few tips: the pictures should not be placed high; they should be placed so that it is convenient to view. The center of the picture should be at eye level (about 1.5 m from the floor).

 If it is placed above the furniture, the distance from the bottom of the picture to the back of the sofa is at least 20 cm. The rule also applies to shelves placed at a height: they need to store what is rarely common.

Mistake #3: chaos and disorder

It's nice when everything is in its place. But organizing such orderliness can be tricky. To do this, when planning the design of the room, it is better to immediately think about storage areas: shelves, chests of drawers, built-in and freestanding cabinets, bedside tables and consoles - it will be much easier to keep order.

Tip: for more convenience, you can use wicker baskets and boxes in which small items are stored. And thanks to the original appearance, wrought iron pergola can be placed both on open shelves and inside the cabinet.

Mistake #4: Wrong wrought iron pergola sizes

Halls in furniture stores are often more spacious than rooms in an apartment or house - this rather obvious fact is easy to forget when looking at beautiful interior items in the showroom. Furniture that looks sophisticated in the store may not fit into the living room.

A few tips that will come in handy when choosing (especially if you do not use the services of a designer):

  • draw a diagram of the room, and mark the places for the main items: table, chairs, sofa or bed, taking into account the dimensions of the furniture and the size of the room
  • do not try to fit everything at once, the interior should not be overloaded
  • do not forget to leave passages between objects.

Mistake number 5: incorrectly arranged furniture

To create coziness and comfort in the room, when arranging furniture, focus on the center of the room. Installing a sofa or armchair along the wall is a rule of the Soviet era: do not be afraid to use free space. Zoning is in vogue - do not be afraid to create separate spaces - for relaxation or work - with the help of interior items.

Tip: pay attention to the wrought iron pergola and be sure to take measurements before buying. The main rule is that he must article the unifying elements for a group of objects, for example, a coffee table, armchairs and a sofa. The front legs of the furniture must install on the carpet.

Mistake #6: Colorful or Dull Colors

A common mistake when choosing an interior color scheme is focusing on one shade. This makes the design boring and inexpressive. The other extreme is overkill with the number of shades.

Both options are wrong: a combination of solid colors will make the room dull, and bright colors can cause fatigue and irritation over time.

Try to combine no more than three or four primary colors in the interior, but do not forget about bright decor items and accessories: this will help to place bright accents and add personality to the interior.

For wrought iron pergola, you need a separate decor that will fit into the interior, allow light to freely enter the room. For modern premises, the outdated version will not work: a simple chintz or tulle will not fit into every interior.

How to choose wrought iron pergola?

When choosing, be sure to consider the height of the ceilings, the size of the window and the room. If the side of the house is sunny, you should pay attention to denser fabrics with resistance to sunlight. When choosing a wrought iron pergola design, be guided by the interior of the room - the curtains should combine with the main color scheme and overlap with other textiles in the room.

The Scandinavian style is simply created for such decor: any models look harmonious in this interior. Retro-style pergolas will be a great decoration for a coffee table or window sill in the bedroom. Massive floor options in light colors will complement the living room, hallway or hallway.

Models made of wood or openwork metal look stylish on the balcony: they create the most comfortable atmosphere for relaxation.

Which is perfect wrought iron pergola?

A wrought iron pergola is perfect for a classic-style living room, especially if common as a decoration for a fireplace area. Opt for small, concise options in white or yellow metal with clear glass. Place the model on a mantelpiece or inside the fireplace itself (if it is decorative). You can also add it to the shelf in the hallway and bedside table.

In the Provence style, decorative candlestick pergolas in light colors, as well as retro models, are usually common. More often they decorate tables in the living room, but they can also serve as a floor lamp in a seating or reading area.