How to hire professional wood wall décor Wholesale factory?
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Everyone knows that it is easier to breathe in a freshly renovated apartment. You can do it far better with professional wood wall décor Wholesale factory. The eye will rejoice for a long time. But for some reason, many people still think that beautiful and high quality means expensive.

In this article we will try to dispel this myth and tell you that finishing economy class apartments can look cozy and presentable.

What does wood wall décor mean?

People buy different apartments: in new buildings and in houses already built for a long time. As a result, the finishing work of such housing will be different in some points. Let's figure out together what the finishing of economy class looks like in such apartments.

Economy class finishing in a residential apartment

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the surfaces:

  • clean the walls of old wallpaper
  • paint
  • remove the worn-out coating from the floors and ceilings
  • and sand the ceilings, if necessary.

There is such an opinion: cheap - it means wood wall décor Wholesale factory. And about any beauty, and even more so the quality of speech and cannot be.

Finishing wood wall décor new building

The price of an apartment in a new building directly depends on the version of the existing finish. There are finishing and roughing. Let's take a look at the differences between the two.

If you want to drop in right away and do nothing, then you should pay attention to apartments with a fine economy class finish. This option assumes the presence of flooring, wallpaper on the walls, interior doors, the ceiling and wall surfaces are leveled.

Engineering networks, the simplest plumbing - all this is also present in such decoration of economy class apartments.

Finishing of wood wall décor apartments

Unfortunately, the final version has significant drawbacks: firstly, the materials are of extremely low quality. And, secondly, you are unlikely to like what will turn out as a result of such a repair.

You will inevitably have to change some elements, or even all for yourself. Doing something from scratch to your liking is much easier and cheaper than correcting and adjusting. Wood wall décor Wholesale factory advise you to still opt for an apartment with a rough finish.

Purchase Quality Wall décor Items

By purchasing an apartment with such a finishing option, you will ensure the flight of your imagination. Wallpaper, painting walls, and even wallpaper for painting - you can do everything yourself according to your preferences, whatever your heart desires and, of course, what your wallet is enough for.

Finishing of wood wall apartments

In any case, you will spend more money on finishing work, even economy class, than if you bought a house with a fine finish. You will have to pay extra for hiring a professional contractor. And, of course, you do not have such discounts on material as the developer does, and besides, you are unlikely to save on their quality.

And yet, you will definitely win: your apartment will become a reflection of your desires, no alterations and low-grade materials. "Everything will be as you want with wood wall décor Wholesale factory!" - as it is sung in one famous song.

Now we will consider the composition of the finishing measures for an economy class apartment in the amount of the initial draft version.

At this stage, the basis comes for further finishing.

What is the final finish for wood wall décor?

Whatever the customer wants, all his wishes will be fulfilled exactly. Materials, finishing - everything in accordance with the allocated funds.

Economy class finishing in an apartment from the developer: what the buyer will see

The condition of the apartments offered in new buildings is quite varied. They are sold both absolutely without any finishing, and completely ready for a comfortable life.

How much is a complete finishing of an economy-class apartment in a new building needed? As it may seem at first glance, a fully residential apartment is preferable. Here the situation is not at all so straightforward.

Yes, such housing looks more attractive, and it is easy to sell at a slightly higher price. You can contact wood wall décor Wholesale factory.

How to decorate interior of wood wall décor?

Not all new owners liked the interiors they received. Those who had the financial ability reworked everything to their liking. The materials are in the standard economy class finishes were thrown into the trash.

As a result, it was decided to abandon any kind of finishing work in cases of sale of apartments. Naturally, this reduced their cost. Only in the case of social housing, everything remained the same.

This included migrants from dilapidated housing, large families, would hardly have found money even for a simple decoration of an economy-class apartment, its builders carried out it right away.

How to hire professional wood wall décor Wholesale factory?

The bulk of housing sells in a rough finish. But, as they say, demand creates supply. And the number of apartments in the final version of economy class finishing in the real estate market is growing.

This is due to the fact that the majority of people buying a home invest all available funds in the purchase of an apartment. They simply do not have additional funds for renting a temporary shelter while the new apartment renovates.

Therefore, wood wall décor Wholesale factory is increasingly launching apartments with economy class finishes on the market than without them at all. And he does this not so much in order to sell at a higher price, but in order to sell as much and faster as possible.


The buyer more willingly chooses just such economy-class apartments, because it is possible to purchase housing with an area exceeding the size previously planned by him by saving funds for repairs.

Let's take a look at the examples of how much will have to be spent to make life comfortable in the new housing.