Wing-shaped iron wall decoration– a historic and romantic touch in the interior
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Wing-shaped iron wall decoration– a historic and romantic touch in the interior

For both interior and exterior design and decoration, wrought iron has long been a preferred material. This could be the case because iron can maintain its look and forges a connection between the present and the past. Wrought iron wall art nowadays may seem trendy but yet provide a sense of a traditional style.

One of wrought iron's greatest benefits is that the Wing-shaped iron wall decoration appears gorgeous without taking up much room. The material is strong and is readily repairable if it is broken. Wrought iron Wing-shaped iron wall decorations also have the important benefit of not polluting the environment, unlike plastic or other forms of decorations. You may convey your thoughts on contemporary design with a traditional material that will highlight your taste and individuality by using Wing-shaped iron wall decoration in your home's interior.

Easy Steps For Hanging Metal Wall Art In 7

You may express your style, share priceless memories, and add more love to any place in your house with metal wall art. It's crucial to know how to mount metal wall art correctly for both aesthetic and functional reasons. We created a simple step-by-step tutorial to help you through the procedure because of this. We'll provide advice on anything from hanging your artwork securely on the wall to making sure it's level.


You'll require:


  • Metal wall décor

  • Hanger

  • Drill and/or screwdriver

  • Nails or screws for wood

  • Level

  • Tape ruler

  • Pencil

  • Stud detector


Putting Up Metal Wall Art

Step 1: Pick A Durable Hanger

Verify that the mechanism holding your metal artwork to the wall can support the weight of the item. Sometimes a hanger is included with metal prints, but other times you have to buy one separately. We advise using picture wire or a sawtooth bar as a hanger if your metal wall art doesn't already have one.

Step 2: Use a stud finder to locate a stud in your wall.

You should hang your item in a secure location since metal wall art is sometimes heavier than other framed pieces of art. You can end up with a wall that is ripped or damaged if you hang it directly on drywall or plaster.

A wall's frame and structure are mostly made up of vertically oriented studs. Put your stud finder on the wall and turn it on to locate a stud. The tool should be horizontally moved along the wall. When a stud is discovered, a light will flash. So that you are aware of the precise location of the stud, mark the wall with a pencil.

Step 3: Mark the location where your art will be hung.

You may determine the vertical axis on which to hang your artwork by locating a stud. Select the location along the stud line where you want to hang your artwork, and make a distinct pencil mark there.

Step 4: Determine the location of the hanger:

You must ascertain how low the hook or wire is on the artwork's back to hanging it exactly where you desire. Measure the distance from the hook or wire to the top of the piece of art to determine this. Take note of the measurement on paper.

Step 5: Mark the precise hanging location

Where you wish to display your metal artwork is indicated by the pencil mark you created in Step 3. Step 4: Record the distance. Step 5: Measure the distance from that pencil mark downward. With a pencil, mark the new location in a way that differs from the way you marked the previous location.

Step 6: Secure the hanger to the stud

At the precise spot, you noted in Step 5, insert the screw into the wall using your screwdriver or drill. The screw should be long enough to reach the wall stud and yet have extra length at the end so that your hook or hanger may rest comfortably on it. Before screwing in the screw, you may need to use a drill to make a pilot hole.

Step 7: Attach the hanger to your metal art.

Latch your piece of art onto the hanger with care. Make sure the artwork is securely fastened to the screw and that you can feel the hanger before releasing the item.

Step 8: Check Your Piece's Evenness Using A Level

Your metal piece of art should be above your level. Check to see whether the level's bubbles suggest that it is straight. If necessary, adjust your piece until it lies in a completely level position.

Take a step back and take in the room's stunning display of your new artwork.


Know exactly what size of the room you want to decorate with Wing-shaped iron wall decoration before you start looking for wall art. There are no set rules or recommendations for what to buy when seeking to purchase wall art; rather, the emphasis should be on selecting items that complement your interior design. Since you will be interacting with it every day and choosing what you love, there is no "correct art" for your house. When you are unsure of the furnishings that will work with your house and represent its age, decorative style, and colors in the rooms, seek the counsel of an interior designer. Choose one that is calming and matches the wall's hue. DECOR HUB is the best option.