What is home decoration: Step by Step Guide for Beginners
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What is home decoration
? Whether it's an apartment or a townhouse, a villa, a tube house, etc., the design of the living room is always a top priority. With the main purpose is to bring aesthetic value, provide space to welcome guests.

 This is also a place for your family to reunite and chat together after a long day of work and study. With each beautiful living room, the owner had to spend a lot of time and effort to come up with ideas and implement them. Here, we will bring you the current design trends and some very unique decorations. Let's refer to have more useful experiences!

Interior what is home decoration principles should pay attention

12 outstanding advantages of high-class wooden furniture

  1. The most popular living room interior trends today
  2. How to decorate a beautiful living room

Use wooden furniture

  1. Building miniatures
  2. Use bright colors
  3. Can also mix different colors
  4. The most popular living room interior trends today

There are 5 interior design trends for the living room that many people choose, including:

Interior design in modern style: Bring a modern breath to the living space thanks to simple, comfortable and convenient items.

Classic interior design for home decoration:

What is home decoration? Although appearing for a long time, this is a style that is always popular and never out of date. Many homeowners choose a classic space for its quietness, luxury, nobility, and at the same time, comfort and peace.

Interior design rustic style, close to nature:  It can be understood that this is an interior design trend using materials from nature. Take advantage of available materials to create a cool, airy and clean space.

Interior design with natural materials: Such as fur rugs, handmade leather, fabrics from 100% natural. This style is suitable for large houses and homeowners with economic conditions.

Interior design plays an important role in any interior space. And so is the living room. Therefore, designers need to focus on balancing energy and yin and yang.

II. How to decorate a beautiful living room

Use wooden furniture

It can be a wooden TV shelf, a wooden salon set, a bookshelf, a wooden corner cabinet, a wooden ceiling, etc. What is home decoration? Wooden furniture never makes the room boring and outdated. Moreover, it contributes to creating a uniform overall, bringing a classy, ​​modern and luxurious space as desired by the owner.

  1. Building miniatures

This is a great idea to bring nature into the living room. Thanks to the miniatures, the space becomes lively and relaxing for the owner. Besides, it also contributes to the beauty of the villa, especially the living room of the villa.

Thanks to the miniature, the living room becomes beautiful, lively and airy.

For houses or villas with spacious living room space, it will be wrong if you ignore the arrangement of a miniature to create a highlight for the room. Depending on your preferences and factors, you choose dry or wet miniatures.

When doing, remember to consider the color of the wall paint, lighting, furniture arrangement, etc. to avoid a feeling of clutter in the living room.

3. Use bright colors in home decoration


What is home decoration? This is a simple way to decorate a beautiful living room that the article introduces. Lighting that matches the color of the wall paint is the most important thing.

Interiors with bright colors such as white, yellow, cream, etc. Or the tones that show the royal temperament, sophisticated and sophisticated decorative lines are a special solution to turn your living room into a space.

  1. Can also mix different colors

The combination of many different colors needs to be done skillfully. Thus, it will be compatible with any living room space. However, it is necessary to pay attention to inappropriate color pairs such as:

  • Brown
  • Purple
  • pink
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Pink

It will cause confusion and less aesthetic when placed in the same space.

Through the article on how to decorate a beautiful living room above, I hope that readers have accumulated a lot of useful experiences for themselves before starting to complete this space.

Functional Areas in Home Decoration

Functional areas such as kitchen, living room, or balcony used to grow vegetables, etc. will be consulted on which furniture is suitable. How the interior position should be placed to optimize the electrical system, water system, etc. to avoid causing loss of aesthetics to the house.

Increase aesthetics

What is home decoration? The house is not only comfortable, when living in a beautiful living space. You will find it really a home, supporting the spirit after a long hard day out there. Living in a beautiful space in your own way will definitely help you feel comfortable and uplifted. Therefore, investing in apartment design is not a capital loss investment.

Increase aesthetics

Advice on designing a beautiful apartment balcony, suitable for space

Before decorating the apartment balcony, we have shared with you some useful advice as follows:

Small apartment balcony design (1 balcony)

For small apartments with 1 balcony, it is quite difficult to design the balcony so that it is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  It is impossible to both display potted plants, put on a tea table, a washing machine, dry clothes, etc.

Small apartment balcony design for home decoration

What is home decoration? At this time, you should only put small green pots on the wall, or decorate the balcony with climbing plants to make the most of the space. If in this area, you want to arrange a washing machine for more convenience in washing and drying clothes, and then put the washing machine close to the wall.

If you want to arrange a tea table to relax, you should choose small-sized tea tables to make the overall space more harmonious without being distracting.

Design large apartment balcony

If your apartment has a large area with 2 balconies, the decoration is extremely simple. At that time, you can arrange 1 balcony for drying clothes, washing and the other balcony is a place to relax after a long stressful day at work.

Here, you can comfortably decorate the balcony to your liking. It is not too difficult for you to arrange climbing plants, small pots or big green pots!

Design large apartment balcony

However, you still need to have a way to arrange the potted plants and the tea table so that it is reasonable and scientific to ensure aesthetics.