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When it comes to mosaics in an apartment, then of the examples of such decor, one usually recalls mainly the wall decor for living room Wholesale factory. But mosaics are much more functional and can create amazingly beautiful murals in both the bedroom and living room.

Mosaic on the walls

And if you think that mosaics come only from familiar ceramic tiles, then this is not at all the case. An example of a different material is leather, metal, and wood, mother of pearl and even fur. If you want to surprise others, choose unusual mosaic compositions. Your apartment will only benefit from such a decoration.

Walls decorated with frescoes

Have you ever seen whole pictures on the whole wall? An example of such wall decoration in an apartment is a doorway or an open window overlooking the sea on the wall itself.

This is a rather unusual technique for wall decor for living room Wholesale factory. We call it a fresco. Traditional fresco is a technique of hand painting with water paints on wet or dry plaster. Any artist's work costs money, so few people can afford a real fresco, but don't be upset.

If you dream of seeing the most beautiful view in your apartment at minimal cost, there are less expensive options. And even more technological one is ahead. An example of such work is common landscapes on a self-adhesive base. Furthermore, this comes on quartz sand on a thin canvas.

There are also murals, pre-painted on canvas or rigid base. This refers to a picture that previously applies in the traditional way for frescoes on a layer of raw plaster on a polyurethane base, and not on an apartment wall.

Wall decor for living room

Brick lying has become one of the most popular examples of wall decor for living room Wholesale factory. Someone delights with the loft style. Someone is trying to give their home a brutal rough touch. Moreover, someone wants to create the effect of a country house.

In real old mansions, designers advise not to hide the brickwork. Over time the brick will look truly noble, and in a hundred years it will serve as a visual history of the house.

Very often in apartments, decorative bricks can be seen to highlight doorways, parapets and niches of various sizes.


It is quite easy to lay such a brick. And so that it lasts on your walls in its original form as long as possible. Wall decor for living room Wholesale factory advises you to cover them for reliability with a colorless matte varnish. This will protect the bricks from dust.

But here you can do with the usual water-based paint. Furthermore, this chooses the color according to the style of your interior design.

Photo printing for wall decor for living room

Who ordered their personal photo on the wall or a photo of their cat? Modern technologies allow you to make any of your imaginations a reality; now you can create clear images on all kinds of materials and surfaces.

Here are some examples - a huge waterfall from ceiling to floor or a cityscape of your dreams ... They will push the boundaries of a familiar apartment, add flavor and expand the space. A collage of family photos will bring a warm, soulful note to your apartment.

But you should be careful, as too bright pictures can quickly get bored. For such design delights, choose a wall that you will not stumble upon so often. Examples of photo printing in an apartment can be seen most often over a sofa, over the head of a bed, in a small corridor or in a children's room.

Using decorative makeup mirrors

One of the most convenient examples of wall decoration in an apartment is wall art. Wall decor for living room Wholesale factory offers the option of decorative makeup mirrors. There are several types of similar material: for example, plastic makeup mirrors and wood. Use plastic with great care when decorating walls in an apartment.

Plastic makeup mirrors, although they are universal, have advantages that are difficult to ignore (they are not afraid of water, they are easily mounted), but at the same time they visually reduce the cost of your repair at times, even if they have high-quality photo printing.

Wall Makeup Mirros

On the contrary, wood paneling will make your apartment more stylish, expensive and solid. With a similar wall decoration in the apartment, your nest will turn into a respectable salon. Even makeup mirrors such as boiserie can easy to buy at an affordable price.

You can contact Wall decor for living room Wholesale factory for best wall art experience. 

Using decorative makeup mirrors

The natural look of wood or veneer is so beautiful and cozy that there is no need to paint it. But if you really need it and it will overlap with the design of the entire apartment, then paint for health, why not.

Porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware is an example of a highly durable material, practical and aesthetically pleasing. It differs from the usual tiles in that it is made at the highest pressure - at least 50 MPa - and then fired at a temperature of about 1.2-1.3 thousand degrees.

 After such manipulations, porcelain stoneware turns out to be non-porous, frost-resistant, and not afraid of the heat either. Initially, this material was common for technical purposes. Today its outstanding characteristics and properties are perfectly combined with beautiful fashion designs and a variety of palettes.

Wall decor stoneware for living room

As mentioned above, today you can find best Wall decor for living room Wholesale factory. This allows you to use it not only as a tile, but also as an independent design tool in the interior of a chic living room or an expensive office.


If you like imitation of natural material (leather, wood, natural stone), then thanks to its wonderful textured surface and modern methods of drawing, porcelain stoneware will suit you perfectly.

And you will not regret your choice, because in our time good porcelain stoneware in its external parameters will in no way be inferior to natural stone or wood, and in terms of functional properties it will definitely surpass both.