4 Tips to Use Vintage Iron Blackboard Storage Box
02.23.2022 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

4 Tips to Match Decorative Storage boxes to Your Home

The Vintage iron blackboard storage box is the most love decoration and utility item at the moment. It manages to compose spaces with elegance, sophistication and modernity. The decorative storage box manages to make the atmosphere of the decoration much more personalized. It is with timeless and also updated molds and frames.

The storage box can be the object that changes the look of the space. You will love to bet on this amazing decoration item. And to help you choose, we've separate the best tips for home decor with storage boxes.

How to choose decorative storage boxes

None of the standard rectangular frames, the Vintage iron blackboard storage box can print much more personality than you might think. There are countless possibilities for molds and frames for a decorative storage box .It choose what fits best in your composition. First of all you need to identify the style and space available for the storage box.

The Vintage iron blackboard storage box needs to be center with proportion. That is, if a round storage box is going to accompany a buffet, or a composition of paintings. Its size needs to make sense, so that it completely integrates that space. So, before choosing your storage box, measure the size or circumference you need to fill.

Next, understand the decor style you have for your storage box. Storage boxs with different shapes, such as mosaics and flowers, need to be accompanied by elements that make sense.

Choose important walls

The Vintage iron blackboard storage box can be an important strategic lighting tool. When place in high-light spots they can spread that light throughout the house. So, choose the most important walls, close to windows and balconies so that your home has much better natural lighting.

And even though the central walls are always the best for decoration, when positioning a storage box you need to be careful. No placing the decorative Vintage iron blackboard storage box right in front of the entrance door, this flow of images and light can disrupt the decor. Prefer walls that are closer to the door.

Compose the decorative storage boxes with other objects

As well as, paintings decorative storage boxes can also be accompanied by other decorative objects on the wall. It forms part of a dynamic and modern decoration. Surround the storage box with shelves, pictures, objects, plants and buffets, giving it double functionality, both decorative and utilitarian.

When determining the composition, choose an ideal height. This is the average of the inhabitants of your home and that's it, your Vintage iron blackboard storage box will make perfect sense in your decoration.

Prefer storage boxes with different molds, but without frames for heavily loaded compositions, so the risk of it clashing is lower. For classic and cleaner compositions, the round storage box with frame is perfect. Always keep the colors of the frames similar, within a previously chosen color palette.

Use a decorative storage box mosaic

Mosaics are as popular as ever. Objects such as a Vintage iron blackboard storage box and a painting are no longer alone and gain a special charm when placed as part of a composition.


If you want a storage box wall, go for interlocking mosaic tiles rather than a full-length storage box. For larger compositions, mosaics with different sizes are amazing and look good in every style.

Pay attention to the effect you want to give with the storage box. It blends in with the coolest elements of the house alongside plants and furniture such as coat racks.

5 Tips on How to Decorate Indoors

One of the most amazing things about interior design is interior decoration. There are countless possibilities for an internal environment in our home. It is increasingly modern and durable solutions, such as wallpaper.

In the last two years we have realize more and more the importance of Vintage iron blackboard storage box a good interior design. Eventually, this is makes our home more beautiful and functional, but starting to plan the decoration is not an easy task.

And to help those who are starting to think about decorating the rooms in the house. We have separated the best planning and organization tips, a true interior design script!

Measure your indoor environment correctly

Interior design is serious business and needs a lot of planning. The basics of decoration are to know exactly the footage of each internal environment.

Correctly measure each wall, taking into account ceiling heights, windows, balconies and doors. Not just writing down the square meter, to plan the decoration of each room. Where each piece of furniture goes and where it is best to invest in good lighting. It is important to note the height and width of each piece of the walls.

Understand indoor lighting

One of the most common mistakes made in non-professional interior design is not thinking about lighting an interior environment. When we understand how daylight affects our home. We can make better use of it, giving us more comfort in everyday life and even saving on the energy bill.

In addition to noting the footage of the walls, take note of how natural light enters your room in the morning, early afternoon, and late in the day. Understand how you can design the room so that the light doesn't reflect off the television screen. It comes in abundance where you will be sitting.

Near balconies and windows, place Vintage iron blackboard storage box that reflect daylight on other walls. Always place it where the greatest amount of light is.

Lighting is one of the most important things in your home.

After these basic points, the decoration itself begins. It's time to think about the color chart and decoration style. Thinking about the color chart depends on what you want for each space, for example, if you want the environment to look wider.

 The best colors are neutrals like whites, beige, yellows and blues. In very cold places, colors can help warm up, and then earthy tones can compose the background of your decor.

The style goes according to your personality. It is worth researching the main trends and understanding how you see yourself in them.

Bet on wallpaper for an indoor environment

Wallpaper is a classic decoration resource that has been remodel over time, always keeping itself the darling of interior design.

After choosing your color chart, choose wallpaper that has the background according to the base tones. You prefer and choose a central wall to apply it.

Vintage iron blackboard storage box wallpaper can be present both in the living room and in the bedrooms and kitchens. In addition to being stylish, they are durable and also help keep the walls in great condition, it's a smart choice.

Organization and practicality are everything for a good internal environment!

The decoration needs to be beautiful and at the same time practical. So, that the house is always organized and in harmony. When choosing furniture, think about everything you have to store. As well as, always choose the furniture that best accommodates your objects. So, making room for everything you have.

Organization is a key point of interior design even before beauty. Keep the focus on the practicality of your day to day and that's it. Your home will be the most pleasant place in the world. Bet on non-obvious places for the mosaics, such as headboards and above the sofa.