Cost Saving Tips for Wall Decoration: Ultimate Guide 2021
11.13.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Wall decoration: everything you need to get inspired

The wall is a space to receive, socialize and rest. In many homes, it's the entryway, which makes Wall decoration even more important.

There are a number of styles you can follow that materialize in upholstery, furniture, and other decorative items. To help you, we've prepared this content that serves as a map for you to access the main wall decor tips on our Pointer Blog. Follow up!

Choose floor and wall coverings for Wall decoration

The choice of coating is very important in any project. That's because it serves as the basis for the style you want to follow in other items, such as furniture.

In addition to the aesthetic issue, take into account functional factors, such as the needs of the house's residents and ease of cleaning. We have a complete content about flooring for the wall with many tips.

Why is wall decoration important?

The coating gives a touch of sophistication when reproducing marble as necessary for Wall decoration. The wall is the ideal environment for differentiated and creative walls. It can be with pictures, wallpaper, colored paints or, our favorite, ceramic coating.

It is a big piece of furniture and generally more expensive than the others. Therefore, it deserves all the attention when choosing. We've listed the advantages of having a neutral sofa in the living wall – when in doubt; better opt for the safer one.

Those who have little space in the living wall need to pay even more attention to the sofa not “weighing” the environment. We have separated 4 tips for choosing a sofa for a small wall. After all, even the smallest of walls can be beautifully decorated.

Importance of sofa for decoration

In addition to the super-ceramic Vendome sofa, from the Classical line, it helps to decorate a small wall and besides the size, color and design, another important point on the sofa is the fabric.

There are several options for Wall decoration, in addition to prints, capable of enhancing the wall's decor. Here is a content that will certainly help you to make the best decision about the fabric of the sofa.

Finishing touch on wall decor

After coverings and sofa, the biggest investments, we can move on to other decoration items. The bookcase is a dream of many people, but it needs to be well organized.

Mirrors, lighting, colors and textures also contribute to the wall's decor. You can see how it all fits into 8 wall inspirations. There are beautiful images filled with tips!

Regardless of the style of decor in the Wall decoration, you will certainly want it to be a sophisticated setting that makes a good impression on your guests. So here are tricks and techniques for an elegant wall.

5 wall trends for wall decoration

Ceramic tiles have been increasingly used on walls. At the same time that they protect the surface, they bring more personality to the environments – which consolidate them as a strong trend for wall decoration.

In addition to durability, easy cleaning and cost-effectiveness, there is a huge diversity of ceramics on the market. Models that reproduce materials such as wood and stones, with 3D relief, beautiful prints, among others…

We separate five trends for Wall decoration, using ceramic coverings, which are very popular in Brazil and in the world. Who knows, you might fall in love with one of these launches from the Pointer 2021 Collection?

1. Linear reliefs in Wall decoration

It might have gone unnoticed by you, but certainly not by the trend researchers on the Pointer design team. Linear embossed claddings are on the rise! And architecture professionals have loved to specify for their projects, especially for covering facades and walls.

It is also worth mentioning that these three coatings are exclusive to walls and can be applied both internally and externally.

  1. Fabric texture

Inspired by the revolutionary weaving technique of the 18th century, Jacquard Steel, from the Zeppelin line, brings the elegance of haute couture to the Wall decoration.

Coatings with a three-dimensional effect are one of the great current trends. That's because they value the decoration of different spaces. If in recent years geometric 3D reliefs have been shining, now a new trend has entered: fabric texture.

Ceramic coating in Wall decoration

Ceramic coatings that reproduce fabrics are capable of creating elegant, comfortable and more personalized environments. These characteristics are due to the fact that the fabrics are linked to fashion.

Jacquard Gray, from the Zeppelin line, on the wall for Wall decoration, brings an extra touch of innovation to the environment with a more relaxed look. On the floor, Stellar Gray

3. role of slatted wood

It's a way to bring the warmth of wood, but in a contemporary reading. It can also create a feeling of spaciousness for the environment, as the slats can be applied both vertically and horizontally. The ceramic coating features a 3D embossing that actually reproduces the depth of the slats. It's sustainable and affordable – perfect for Wall decoration.

Furthermore, ceramic coverings that reproduce wood have the advantage of being water resistant and can also be used in wet environments. E-Motion Wood is a Super Ceramic, available in a large 45×90 format, with a ground edge.

4. Exterior coated walls for Wall decoration

Ceramic coatings are highly recommended for outdoor areas, mainly because they are resistant to the action of the sun, rain and temperature changes. They are also practical for cleaning and very durable.

If it is already common to cover external floors, including swimming pool edges, with ceramic, the new trend is also to cover external walls. Think of facades and walls with color, texture, relief and a lot of style.

In the case of external Wall decoration, ceramics provide more contemporary looks, enhance the architectural design and add textures. And they also protect the masonry from the effects of time and humidity.

5. Inspiration in nature with Wall decoration

Ceramics with patterns that refer to natural elements are great choices for walls. They also have a good feeling of coziness, considering the house as a place of connections.

Some finishes combine this natural design with more neutral colors, creating a greater atmosphere of creativity. Trend towards this moment when the house became our refuge!