7 Stacking Racks & Shelves Mistakes we Need to Avoid
11.23.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Have you ever taken a risk in decorating stacking racks & shelves and been disappointed with the result? Well, know that it is something more common than you think! And thinking of helping you, today we've separated 7 mistakes in decoration that are most common in Brazil and that you should consider in your planning. Come on?

Mistakes in decoration

  1. Choosing furniture that is too big for the environment

One of the common mistakes when decorating your home is choosing stacking racks & shelves that is too large. The consequence is to have a room with a cluttered aspect or, worse still, to appear that the environments are smaller than they really are and have the circulation of the environment impaired.  

How to avoid this error?

 A good tip is, with the help of adhesive tape, mark the floor where each piece of furniture will be. You can consider the placement of the furniture and also the circulation in this environment.

2. Use too little or too much lighting in stacking racks & shelves

Few of us remember lighting when decorating, but this is an essential element and directly influences the result we would like to have.

One of the most common stacking racks & shelves mistakes is using too many lamps or insufficient lighting. The wrong lighting can diminish the feeling of space or highlight the wrong elements.

How to avoid this error?

 Don't just limit yourself to direct lighting and consider other decorative formats such as lampshades to warm the room. Scatter points of light that will make other objects standout such as paintings and ornaments.

You can also use professionals to help you in this task! See how the lamp in addition to aiding reading.

3. Not taking advantage of all spaces

Assessing an environment as a whole and taking advantage of all the spaces is something very difficult when we do not have the help of a professional. It is necessary to reconcile everything we need in this environment and the style of stacking racks & shelves decoration we aspire to. But believe me, small spaces have great potential!

How to avoid this error? Planned joinery can help a lot to adapt all the measures within your needs, but in a rental property it is not so interesting.

For this, loose pieces are also great for solving space problems with niches, shelves or even hanging cabinets. They don't weigh so much on the look and add grace to the environment.

This tip is for both kitchens and service areas with stacking racks & shelves. We can see the use of Niche Marseille gives the opportunity to take advantage of the space much more:

4. Exaggerate decorative stacking racks & shelves

Pictures, mirrors and plants can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the environment, but when they are in excess, they can cause a sense of visual pollution and congested space. One of the most common mistakes when decorating a house is not thinking about the elements you want to display, and mixing styles that don't speak to each other.

How to avoid this error?

Think carefully about all the stacking racks & shelves you intend to expose, the state of each object and where they will be. A good tip is to keep those that may be hampered by time. Distribute them among the environments and even consider placing just a sample of the most important items in the collection.

Remember that these choices must be based on the style of decor you choose.

Excessive decoration in the environment

5. Wires and Plugs

Unfortunately, stacking racks & shelves placement is something we either think about when renovating the environment… Or then we need to chase the damage! So, if you are going through a renovation and are able to consider a better layout, take advantage! This will make the routine and use of electros much easier in the future.

If this is not your case, the use of extension cords becomes necessary and the exposed wires can harm the result of your decoration.

How to avoid this error?

 Study the arrangement of furniture, the socket needs in each environment and how to “hide” the passage of wires. Exposed sockets with tangled wires and several connections besides being dangerous cause visual pollution, take the opportunity to organize the cables when decorating the room.

6. Being afraid to use color in stacking racks & shelves

Another very common stacking racks & shelves decorating mistake is being afraid of making a mistake in coloring. This can result in a neutral home with no personality. Today, one of the great trends in decoration is precisely the use of colors in furniture, floors and decorative objects.

How to avoid this error? Do not exaggerate! Think through the entire color chart your choices will provide and consider the result you want to get. An individualized decoration is based on the intelligent use of colors.

7. Our house must look like us!

Unfortunately, it is very common to come across people who ended up not imposing their personal style when decorating with the help of a professional and live in a house where the style does not reflect their daily life at all.

What is sustainability in decoration?

Stacking racks & shelves sustainability is a way to use natural resources without harming future generations. It is possible to do this by reducing damage to the environment and renewing the natural resources used.

In other words, when we talk about sustainable decoration, we are referring to a lifestyle that is based on ecologically correct choices, opting for products and materials that cause less damage to the environment.

Sustainable stacking racks & shelves furniture

When buying new furniture for the house, give preference to sustainable brands that use wood from reforestation. Because these, do not harm the environment, have a high durability, and bring well-being, sophistication and harmony to your home.


Sustainable stacking racks & shelves furniture you can find in our online furniture store. We have furniture for the whole house, and the best part is that they are all sustainable, that is, the wood used for production comes from forests planted exclusively for this purpose.

How to avoid this error?

Consider what makes you good! All these tips are valid for building an environment within what you consider pleasant and that conveys your personality.