5 DIY Simple Birthday Decoration at Home Tips
12.09.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Want to celebrate your own birthday? So let's take a look at the steps simple birthday decoration at home. We are sure the following will make you feel useful for organizing the party.

Steps to decorate a birthday party at home

1- Choose the space to decorate the birthday room:

You should choose a room for yourself and your loved ones (if any) or take the living room as a place to celebrate your birthday. You should have a large space for you to comfortably decorate the room and invite more friends and relatives.

 For those of you who want to organize an outdoor party, you can choose your garden for simple birthday decoration at home. Moreover, places such as amusement parks, parks or beaches are also a great choice for you.

2- Choose the right color and theme for the birthday party room space:

Depending on the preferences of the person who has a birthday, you can easily choose a dominant color to decorate. It is simpler for mothers who are skillful to organize their baby's birthday.

 For the party, if the decorations and background have the same color tone, it will definitely be more beautiful. All tones can be used, with girls being pink, purple, and yellow, and boys often choosing green and blue tones.

Minnie-themed birthday simple birthday decoration at home for girls

For example: It is also possible to mix colors according to the "name" at home for the baby like Strawberry. Moms can choose red and green tones for simple birthday decoration at home.

 "Orange" babies can choose yellow tones. On the simplest topic, it is to make a theme according to the baby's "nickname" at home.  The theme of the baby's zodiac age, the theme of cartoon characters, the baby's favorite toy, or the child's favorite activities such as: Fruit theme, cartoon character theme, beach theme, forest theme….

3- Make up ideas to decorate the main background for your child's birthday

From the general idea of ​​​​colors and themes, you will then come up with ideas and implement them as a backdrop for the decorative space. The simplest is thanks to the design of the font and banner printing to stretch and hang.

Besides, you can also inflate balloons and stick them on a wall area as a background.


There is also a very simple way that you use the words "Happy Birthday" available, triangle flags available. Turn it upside down and put flowers inside!

4. Choose objects for simple birthday decoration at home

Balloons: Balloons are decorations that are both pocket-friendly and colorful enough to highlight the party's space. This is also the easiest to use accessory for simple birthday decoration at home in all parties such as:

  • Weddings
  • birthday parties
  • store openings, etc.

 Balloons come in all shapes, sizes, and colors for you to choose from and enjoy. Arrange in a reasonable way in the space of your party. You can put balloons or self-inflating balloons to decorate the ceiling, decorate around the hanging area or where people sit to take pictures or as gifts for the children to take home.

How to use flowers for simple birthday decoration at home?

Flowers: Flowers are also the focal point for you to decorate at the party table, so choose the right flowers on the party table or you can also put the flowers at the party to put in your party tables. For babies, mothers should use small flowers such as field flowers, baby flowers.

Small vases of flowers will be a lovely highlight on your simple birthday decoration at home. As for the party of adults, you should choose roses to decorate. Each different rose color such as white rose, blue flower, red flower, yellow rose has one

Photo Frame for birthday decoration

Everyone has special moments to mark their year, choose 3-5 of the most beautiful and lovely moments and wash your photos to frame them on the birthday table. You can also wash many small photos and clip them into a long ribbon to decorate the hanging string in the room.

 The Use of Candles in Birthday Decoration

The shimmering candles are not only stuck on the cake to blow and wish the best, but you can also use them to decorate places such as windows, floors for a fanciful and beautiful space.

 You should note the use of candles in the birthday party of young children to ensure the safety of the children in the party. For children's birthday parties, you should not decorate candles much because hyperactive children can accidentally injure them.

Colorful ribbons for simple birthday decoration at home

 No matter what age you are in, your party should have decorative ribbons overhead. Both highlight your birthday and add beauty in the way you decorate your party. A party will be more lively and impressive with eye-catching colors in simple birthday decoration at home.


The unique combination of these 4 accessories will make your party stand out. Depending on the owner of the party, the decoration will make everything more perfect.

Add some music

 Our lives are inherently indispensable without music, so how can a happy and vibrant birthday party be without happy birthday songs and passionate music? This is also a simple way for you to make the party more jubilant than ever.

Ideas for the birthday party decoration table

Table decoration is one of the important highlights of the party, so depending on the theme of the party; mothers can buy decorative items suitable for the party.

 Mothers can take advantage of small and beautiful items for simple birthday decoration at home. With those small jars, just adding a small ribbon will make them more eye-catching for the viewer.

Flowers are an indispensable thing on the party table, so mothers need to choose flowers such as field flowers, baby flowers to create accents.

Photo frames:

 Every lovely moment of the baby is saved by parents every day, so choose 3-5 lovely moments of your baby and wash the photos to decorate on the party table.

Birthday balloons are loved by children, so you can use them to decorate the party table or give them as gifts.

Final Words for simple birthday decoration at home

Birthday cake is the most important and indispensable thing at the party, you can choose birthday cake according to your baby's name, age... or your baby's preferences. Besides, do not forget to put other small cakes on the party table to make the table more impressive.

Sweets: Because it's the baby's birthday, this is an indispensable thing in the birthday party. You can use lollipops and cakes to decorate the party table.