Where to use metal wall mounted decorative mirror?
04.25.2022 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Why are mirror surfaces good?

In small rooms, you simply cannot do without metal wall mounted decorative mirror. It reflects light and can visually “push apart” the walls of a cramped room and make it brighter.

Mirrors will not harm the interiors of large spaces either. In the decoration of niches, screens and false fireplace portals, they will make a spacious room more expressive and elegant.

To refresh the room, add accents to the interior - furniture with mirrored facades or decor. Remember that the more mirror surfaces are involved in the decoration of an object, the more concise its design should be. You can peek at the right balance with metal wall mounted decorative mirror.

What to combine with metal wall mounted decorative mirror?

Metals and shiny fabrics will help to enhance the mirror effect, make it deeper and more expressive. And to balance the interior with an abundance of mirrors and not turn it into a sparkling New Year's installation, use matte surfaces in the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings.

What to add?

The best addition to large-scale mirror surfaces will be small or point details - like the pendant Lamp.

And don't forget about chairs, figurines and chandeliers made of glass or transparent plastic.

How not to overdo it?

Refuse heavy, complex frames: they attract a lot of attention and will not fit into every interior.

Instead, use metal wall mounted decorative mirror in a light and weightless frame. Good examples are the Decorhub wall mirror. We can include them in almost any environment, combined with paintings and other decor.

How to care metal wall mounted decorative mirror?

Contrary to popular belief, mirrors should not be washed with glass cleaners. Instead, wipe the surfaces with a dry, soft cloth. About once or twice a month, you can walk on them with a cloth dipped in vinegar.

Stylish mirrors are simply indispensable for small apartments.  They reflect sunlight and artificial light, due to which they visually add a few such necessary square meters to the room. But even for spacious rooms, this piece of furniture will not be superfluous at all - it will make them much more elegant and expressive.

Ideas for using metal wall mounted decorative mirror:


  1. Pushing the boundaries: Usually, large canvases are good to expand the premises, which are located in the entire height of the wall. However, this is not always the only solution: for example, sometimes for a narrow small hallway it is better to buy a large wall mirror and put it behind a banquet or over a shoe rack.
  2. Add comfort

 Cute compositions from family photos or paintings are a detail that everyone is common to. If you want something unbanal, arrange a full-fledged mirror gallery - choose options that are different in shape and size, which are made in the same style. Thus, you can safely decorate the wall behind the sofa, dining table, bed or decorate the flight of stairs.

3. Metal wall mounted decorative mirror Hide flaws

 Sometimes the nuances of the layout are noticed only after the repair is almost completed - for example, this often happens with protruding supporting structures. Instead of strenuously hiding the column, make it an unusual interior detail. You can also hide niches behind mirrors - take note of this.


  1. We decorate the doors. When there is very little space in the hallway, place a wall mirror right on the door. Solve two problems at once: visually expand the space and simplify your life - it will become convenient to evaluate your appearance before leaving the house. The only caveat is that you need to purchase a model that does not block the eye.

Wall mirrors will help create a unique design in the interior

  1. We imitate windows. A non-standard solution is to create an imitation of a window opening using an ordinary mirror. Here it is important to choose an option in a suitable frame, reminiscent of sashes or shutters. To enhance the overall impression, paint it in the color of the rest of the windows or decorate with textiles.
  2. We complement the furniture: Just a chest of drawers, a shoe rack or a desk look a little boring. Give them individuality, place a designer wall mirror nearby - it will not only decorate the room, but also make it more functional. When looking for options, consider the metal wall mounted decorative mirror.

There are no windows in the hallways

 Their place is taken by mirrors. We do not notice the mirror, but it performs many functions: it helps to understand how you look, fills the empty space of the wall, creates comfort in the room and is just a beautiful element of decor.

 Often, designers focus on the mirror in their projects, using a variety of their types. It doesn't even matter who lives in the house, a hallway mirror is a must in anyone, because the hallway should be a pleasant place. Here you meet guests, from here you leave the house, come back. It is important that the mirror looks organic and stylish.

We take into account the features of the layout

To choose the right mirror, you need to consider:

  • Room size;
  • Design of the entire apartment;
  • Furniture coloring.

Small wall mirror with black frame

It is very practical to use whole sets of furniture: there all the furniture fits together and you don’t have to look for the right product in all the stores. And the mirror itself is practical to use. They come with shelves and hangers.

For small spaces, metal wall mounted decorative mirror is suitable. This type of mirror will not take up extra space and vice versa will give the hallway a special comfort. If the hallway is long, then instead of several mirrors, it is recommended to install one large one.

In order for the mirror not to lose its properties, you need to install it so that direct rays of light do not fall on its surface.

When choosing a mirror, keep in mind that if the mirror itself has a simple shape, then its frame should be more original. And vice versa: if the shape of the mirror is unusual, then the frame should be simple.