Latest living room wall décor Wholesale factory Trends
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What should be the decoration of the walls in the apartment?

To answer the question, living room wall décor Wholesale factory, it is worth highlighting the important factors that you need to pay attention. It is important when creating a unique project for the design of rooms, choosing a wall covering:

The wall decoration material in the apartment should not pollute the environment and harm the environment. It sounds trite, but it is no secret to anyone that in no case should any harmful toxic substances evaporate during the operation of anything in the place where we live.

The apartment should not become a source of allergies. If you know that the tenants have even a small chance of developing this problem, the finish should certainly not become an irritant. This is an impetus to the onset of health problems.

Installation technology of finishing material

 Often, people have a limited budget for repairs and have certain boundaries. You can hire cheap living room wall décor Wholesale factory. It is undesirable to go beyond. This point is especially important, because the work of the craftsmen can cost more than the money you pay for the material itself.

And in case of restrictions, a good example of a way out of the situation is the choice of such a finish in an apartment that you can cope with on your own.

An important criterion for a quality apartment renovation is the technical and operational characteristics of the finish. An example of such characteristics is abrasion:

  • the ability to withstand temperature extremes
  • the high cost and ease of maintenance of the finish
  • Moreover, the way it absorbs moisture, and others

We must remember that a special approach requires for each room.

And here are some examples of things to look out for:

Resistance to moisture is the most important criterion when lining the walls of a bathroom and toilet. Don't forget about the living room wall décor Wholesale factory. No one in any of these rooms will be happy with the appearance of mold. Plus, it is in these rooms that wet cleaning most often occurs.

Rooms with the highest traffic and attendance require finishing with the most durable materials. In our apartments, these are, as a rule, the walls of the corridor, living room or hallway.

Dust will not become a friend in either an adult or a child's bedroom, so you should give preference to wall coverings that, in addition to breathing, will not attract dust.

Living room wall décor

The apartment is your mood and inspiration. The color scheme is also important. An example of a good choice is calm pastel colors for a bedroom, and light-colored finishes for rooms where there is no natural light.

A good example of wall decoration in an apartment is the unification of all rooms in one style, so that the motives intersect and complement each other. You can hire living room wall décor Wholesale factory.

Not so long ago, it became fashionable to make wall cladding (laminated and plastic), and artificial stone is also good in the decoration. It would seem that there is such a large selection of materials, and nevertheless, the vast majority of people are true to the old traditions.

Furthermore, it uses wallpaper, wall paint and plaster, wooden lining and ceramic tiles for repair.

Popular living room wall décor in the apartment

There is no dispute about tastes, and what suits one person will seem inappropriate to another. Someone, for example, is an adherent of a monochromatic background and bright accents from furniture; someone is crazy about luxury, chic and shines.


What exactly is suitable for a particular room is, of course, up to the landlord to decide. Many people ask the question, what examples of wall decoration in an apartment are popular today?

 In this article, you will find some universal tips that can be applied by different customers with adaptation to specific conditions.

Fancy wallpaper

Someone will say that wallpaper is an old unfashionable material and they will not surprise you with anything. Every second apartment in our country comes with wallpaper. But this is fundamentally wrong!

What examples of combinations of textures, colors are today, and the variety of patterns will make you even gets confused! You can find the most unusual living room wall décor Wholesale factory. The collections are updated every season, and good stores try to keep up with fashion.

And the fashion for certain wallpapers, oddly enough, is also there. And who said that wallpapers are only paper?

Most common living room wall décor Trends

Below we list the most recent trends and examples. These are just a few options, but they are the most practical, relatively versatile and at the same time original. So, according to the designers, the trend is now:

An unusual effect of finishing an apartment, which was previously obtained only with the help of hand-painted, is a combination of wallpapers that are radically different in color, texture and ornament.

A very large drawing always attracts attention, it will become a "feature" of your apartment, and guests will certainly pay attention to the design of the rooms.

Fancy living room wall décor

Many modern manufacturers can immediately offer a ready-made unusual combination - decorating the walls of an apartment with wallpaper while alternating completely different patterns, but similar in texture or color palette. There are entire collections of several types of wallpapers.

More and more, the option of textured wallpaper for painting is gaining popularity. Furthermore, it comes with a clear pronounced pattern, which, after applying paint, will look very unusual. Fiberglass wallpaper is one of the most reliable, beautiful and durable examples of paintable wallpaper today.

Fir this, you can hire living room wall décor Wholesale factory.

 They will withstand seven to eight repaints. But it is worth recalling that the more layers of paint, the less visible the texture pattern.

What are best room wall décor wallpapers

Bamboo wallpapers are perfect for giving Japanese flavor; they will immediately create a special mood. Bamboo wallpapers most often do not have a pattern. The pattern is natural, structural, and textural.

But there are examples where you will see printed bamboo petals or some other unobtrusive pattern, because the texture is weak on the slats from the inside of the trunks.

For lovers of strict England or a classic interior, textile wallpapers are suitable. It is also worth taking a closer look at the combination of textile wallpaper with boiserie wall panels.

Final Consideration

Do you want a special tone for the interior of your apartment? Ordinary paper wallpapers can also handle this. A large drawing will always attract attention, and an unusual material, for example, natural bamboo, will add high cost. It will look truly stylish and original at the same time.