2022 Best Living room Wall Decor Ideas Wholesale Factory
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Eco-coated walls

Why is it important to hire living room wall decor ideas Wholesale factory? The fashion for everything natural and environmentally friendly has gradually reached our apartments, which cannot but rejoice. Every day, a large number of people want to make their home as comfortable and environmentally friendly as possible. The apartment of a modern person has finally begun to adapt to environmental standards.

Below we will talk about examples of wall decoration in an apartment that meet environmental requirements. It is, exclusively natural plant materials are good to use:

  • Cork veneer, sandalwood, apricot, zebrano, cherry, etc. .
  • sisal
  • rattan
  • jute fibers
  • arrowroot
  • cane
  • bamboo slats

To properly fix such natural coatings on the wall, you need to use not the usual basis for classic wallpaper, but special thick paper, with a more reliable and strong texture. In addition, the familiar non-woven material is often used. For this you can hire professional living room wall decor ideas Wholesale factory.

How can living room wall decor ideas wholesale factory help you?


Whatever interior you come up with in the apartment, natural materials will fit into the fusion style. If you decorate them, for example, with niches of arches, and will look great in Japanese style. And now, this is generally the fashion for Asian and ethical motives in the interior. Hence, do not be afraid to experiment, everything is in your hands.

Wall decoration with decorative plaster

Decorating an apartment with decorative plaster has long been used in interior design, but it is so good that it does not lose its relevance to this day. This decoration option can be called at once innovative, classic and fashionable. And if someone calls it obsolete, it will be wrong.

Yes, it has been common for many years, but precisely. Such a finish has many design examples, thanks to which almost any idea can be realized.

Wall decoration with decorative plaster

Decorative plaster is a relatively thick coating consisting of several types of fillers. Inclusions are no more than 10 millimeters in size.

Filler examples:

  • dolomite, marble, granite or quartz chips
  • nylon or cellulose fibers
  • Synthetic granules.

It is important to remember that the final result strongly depends on which filler you choose. Each material has its own appearance. Here, you can take help of living room wall decor ideas Wholesale factory.

Regular living room wall decor factory paint

One of the most convenient and quick examples of wall decoration in an apartment is painting them. If you approach the matter with imagination and do not limit yourself to filling the entire room with a neutral shade, you will get a very original and fashionable result.

 And if suddenly you get tired of such a finish, you can always quickly repaint the walls in a different color.

Wall paint

There are many ways to make the coloring more interesting. Here are some good examples of painting: highlight one wall with a brighter color, or you can use stencils for painting to neatly apply different images. An example is to paint a clock face on the kitchen wall, use two similar shades of paint, dividing the surface with a wavy strip, and so on.

Unusual examples of wall decoration in an apartment

This part of the article provides information about living room wall decor ideas Wholesale factory. All of the above seemed trivial to you and you want something more original. Here are the options that have not yet become boring:

Just a pebble

Imagine a kitchen apron lined with sea pebbles? It blows with vacation, warmth and, most likely, you will not see a similar option in any of your friends. River or sea pebbles are a reliable and durable wall cladding material that is easy to work with.

Pebbles for room wall decoration

You can lay out not only an apron or part of the wall. With the help of this material it will not be difficult to decorate entire walls.


Large stone

It is a rare example in decoration, although it looks very solid and impressive.

Large stone for wall decoration

In order not to overdo it and not slip to bad taste, it is worth laying out with a stone or the entire wall at once, or leaving free space between neighboring stones. With living room wall decor ideas Wholesale factory, your city apartment will turn into a chic old mansion.

Oriented strand living room wall decor

The difficult name of oriented strand board can be shortened to three letters - OSB. It is an abbreviation for orient strand board. Other common names are OSB panels, OSB sheets, just OSB or OSB.

OSB sheets for wall decoration

Decorating the walls of an apartment with natural materials may not be affordable for everyone, in which case we recommend considering the option of finishing using an oriented strand board. But you need to be careful and think over all the details, as with any unusual material, because the line between creativity and tastelessness is quite thin.

Not ceilings, but walls

This type of finish has its big plus - a high installation speed and the ability to apply absolutely any high-quality image. Stretch walls are nothing more than a stretch ceiling we are accustomed to, only in a different plane, which is fixed in the frame.

Stretch walls

However, so far this method is not very popular in our country.

Painted 3 D-panels for living room wall decor

One of the latest trends in living room wall decor ideas Wholesale factory is 3D panels. Most often they are made of plaster, but you can find other materials, for example: MDF, plastic, bamboo and even aluminum. Panels are usually sold in their original color, white.

But they will look much more unusual and brighter in a painted form, plus it is much easier to fit them into a particular interior.

Glass use

Basically, glass itself has a different texture and color. It is quite easy to work with this material if you want to refresh your interior.

Glass for wall decoration

Glass example: An option to create a cool 3D effect by attaching a glass panel on top of another type of finish on the wall. A combination with brick or stone will look good with living room wall decor ideas Wholesale factory.

Glowing wall

A similar example of wall decoration in an apartment looks modern and advantageous. However, it is not technically easy to accomplish.

But it is worth spending a little effort and sticking, for example, an LED strip as a light source, and fixing the wall panels at a short distance from it. The result will justify all the costs.

Flexible stone

If you really want to use natural textures in the design of an apartment, but the price stops you, you should consider this example. This material is either stone chips or a polymer layer fixed on a flexible base.