Living Room Home decoration Trends 2021: Redesign living space
11.12.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Home decoration Living rooms combine a lot: oasis of peace, chat corner, home cinema, restaurant experience at home and much more. 

The trends for living room design have also changed, especially in textures, plant design, living room furniture materials and much more.


  • New textures: everything from cozy to rough is included
  • Plants: especially dried flowers are the living room trend
  • Naturalness is also required when it comes to color
  • Glass is back in fashion
  • Anti-disorder and cosines meet in 2021
  • The house bar is coming back
  • Pictures come as fine lines

New textures: everything from cozy to rough is included

Home decoration textures have a significant influence on the feel-good character in New textures: everything from cozy to rough is included our own living room. The trends for 2021 are primarily about new textures or the combination of different materials.

From fluffy to rough - whatever you like is allowed. Sofas made of soft cord or velvet; for example, create a cozy atmosphere in the living room. A high-floor carpet also creates cosines. So that the living room doesn't just sink into a cozy oasis, accents can be achieved by combining other contrasting textures. 

How wall units can increase home decoration?

Wall units in classic and naturally robust surfaces, as can be found here, for example, set successful accents of home decoration. Exposed brickwork or a cool, unexcited wall design also offer a contrast to the cozy, cozy textures.

Importance of sustainability for home decoration

Those who particularly want to live sustainability can also recycle existing furniture and textures. The existing sofa can be provided with a new fabric cover.

 If you want to add additional design accents, you can combine it with other accessories. Vases, a new wall design and Co. - in a few simple steps, the home decoration of living room can be kissed from its slumber in the 2021 trend.

Plants: especially dried flowers are the living room trend

Nature also moves into the living room with flowers. Plants are back in vogue and not only come with lush green, standing or hanging. The dry plants in particular will become an important living room accessory in 2021. 

They are ideal not only for decorative purposes, but also for anyone who does not have the best green thumb. The artificial plants, which today can hardly be distinguished from real plants, experience a true resurrection.

Role naturalness for home decoration

Furnishing with style and a feel-good character is also reflected in the color design. The trend is towards natural colors, especially pastel and earth tones. Neutral colors on the walls are often combined with a few color accents on the couch and co. 


But the complete look in neutral, warm colors is also popular with the 2021 home decoration for living room trend. For example, light walls in a natural light gray or a soft beige tone combined with equally light pieces of furniture are increasingly in demand.

Role of mint in Home decoration

The pastel tones are also often combined with light pieces of furniture. One of the trend colors for 2021 is mint. No matter on the wall, as a pillowcase, as a blanket on the couch or as a complete cover for the sofa: Mint is an expression of modernity and cosines at the same time. 

The pistachio tone is often reminiscent of “la dolce vita” and conveys a holiday mood in its purest form. At the same time, the living room is immersed in comfort thanks to the warm tone.

 Mint can be cleverly combined with other light, warm tones, such as beige or brown for home decoration. If you want something less relaxed, you can combine the warm colors with different designs.

Glass is back in fashion for Home decoration

There are also constant changes in living room trends. Years ago heavy wooden furniture was particularly popular, now it is light materials; especially glass. As an icon from the eighties, glass furniture is experiencing a new heyday. 

Moreover, glass is not only found on shelves or lamps, but more and more often on tables or mirrored surfaces. Home decoration of smaller living rooms can not only be designed in a modern way with a clever combination of mirror elements, they also appear many times larger.

Anti-disorder and cosines meet in 2021

Clutter is an absolute no-go when it comes to living room trends in 2021. It can be cozy, but not messy. Pillow and blanket to relax on the couch, yes; draped around wildly, no. Harmony is required for the individual design elements. That is why all textures and colors are optimally matched to one another.

Furthermore, magazines and Co. can be stowed wonderfully behind chests of drawers or in a lockable table. Here, too, it's about living minimalism in its purest form. Drawers without handles, for example with soft touch, are therefore in great demand for home decoration.

The house bar is coming back

The house bar is undoubtedly one of the most popular retro living treasures. It will also see resurgence in living room trends in 2021. However, the house bar has a new, lighter look. Instead of heavy, dark serving trolleys, the house bar is only available in visually appealing materials. 

Moreover, the trolley on wheels is still a welcome guest in the living room and is also extremely practical. However, it can be a little more stylish thanks to a noble surface and glass shelves or floors with a marble look.

Further, for home decoration the home bar trend is crowned with the right accessories. 

Pictures come as fine lines for Home decoration

There will also be news from art in the living room in 2021. Pictures are still very much in demand, but their presentation has changed. The trend is towards filigree lines and clear colors. Black and white contrasts are in great demand as a contrast to the rest of the cozy, clear living room design. 

Framed by classically elegant silver, bronze or gold, the photographs not only adorn walls, but also provide a further visual highlight at the table or the house bar.