8 Light Luxury Fashion Iron Wall Decoration Tips
05.17.2022 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Want to renew the look of a room, but don't have the time and/or money to spare? Know that decorating the walls is a simple and cheap alternative to renew the air and give a totally new face to the environments. You can try light luxury fashion iron wall decoration.

With some inspirations and a lot of creativity it is possible to transform spaces, making them more beautiful and full of personality.

To help you with this task, we have separated some simple and creative ideas to decorate the walls and renew the look of your spaces. Check out!

1. Light luxury fashion iron wall decoration

Iron walls are a great way to change the look of a space. You can simply change the color, create gradient effects or draw creative figures such as flowers, hearts, polka dots, clouds and other designs to add more charm.

  1. Wallpaper and stickers

Very versatile, wallpapers can be found in a multitude of materials, textures, colors and prints that can easily adapt to the most diverse decor styles.

They are easy to apply and can be replaced with even greater ease whenever you want. The sticker is a great alternative for those who want to bring spaces to life without filling the entire wall.

Available in different colors, sizes and designs, they are ideal for children's rooms.

3. Stencil light luxury fashion iron wall decoration

Light luxury fashion iron wall decoration is an excellent technique for decorating walls. And the best: it's very easy to do: Prepare the template of the design you prefer on acetate paper, cut it with a stylus, place it on the wall and you can start painting!

  1. Stamps

The use of stamps is an unusual and fun way to decorate the walls. And the coolest thing is that they can be produced by hand, using things you already have at home, such as fruits, vegetables, leaves, EVA, sponges and even used corks.

  1. Varied figures

To make this technique, you will only need a roll of electrical tape and a lot of creativity.


Stripes, triangles, squares, small crosses… Just choose your favorite figure and form the design on the wall using insulating tape.

6. Pictures and mirrors with light luxury fashion iron wall decoration

Pictures and mirrors with light luxury fashion iron wall decoration are classics and are present in most decorations. So, how about daring a little bit with the use of these accessories?

Choose a wall - which is free of obstacles, preferably - and fill it with paintings or mirrors, creating a kind of gallery. If you want, you can also mix the two elements and even include frames in the composition, the result is a unique look full of personality.

  1. Hanging Wall Accent

Hanging wall accents can be perfect choice for you. Make as many rows as you like, in whatever size and shape you prefer, and which best fits the wall. To secure the photos, you can use clips or clothespins.

8. Postcards, comics

If you are a big fan of travel, music or the movie universe, sticking postcards, comics or posters on your walls can be a great alternative to decorating environments.

Leave them spread out, lined up, glued together or in whatever way you prefer, the result is a colorful, fun and full of personality look.

Now that you know how to decorate the walls of your home, go to our website and check out the options we have for you!

If there's something that gives a new face to the environment and offers countless possibilities, it's decorating the walls. They give body and mood to the place, whether with vibrant colors, sober effects or even with a basic paint. Therefore, investing in it yields a renewed space.

How to decorate the wall spending little and leaving everything beautiful?

Discover in this post, 7 tips to decorate with light luxury fashion iron wall decoration!

  1. Mirrors are always welcome

Mirrors are not just for you to admire, but to make your home look much newer. When we talk about decorating the wall spending little, they fit very well. These pieces can be simple; they don't have to be sandblasted mirrors, as that would make the budget go up. You can use small pieces and in larger quantities, so that the effect produced is better.

The mirror creates the visual perception of amplitude and infinity in living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms, especially in small spaces. Just hang your mirrors your way across the space.

2. Use pictures hanging on the wall

Revealing photos is already a thing of the distant past, but they are still very current as decorative pieces. If you still enjoy a nostalgic and classic atmosphere, this decoration fits your taste perfectly.


Even if you have selfies taken with smartphones, just print them out on specific photography paper to use them to decorate the wall at a low cost. This paper has greater durability and looks much more aesthetically beautiful.

Your photos can be hung on the wall in many ways. You can make mini clotheslines attached to the wall, with string and fasten the images with colorful clothespins. This creates a fun and joyful effect.

You can still use picture frames and stick them to the wall with low fixation double-sided tape, as the photo is very light. Also, you can install a narrow shelf and organize your family, friends, pets and travel photos.

3. Install shelves and wall clocks according to environment

Shelves can be used sparingly or sparingly, depending on the size of your space and the look you want for the place.

For those who live in a house and have larger spaces, with high ceilings, you can improve the amount of shelves. If you live in a compact apartment, you can choose some delicate pieces. Colors, materials and models are at your discretion, but always strive for harmony in the place.

Then, just organize your objects, books, picture frames and other items that match your new wall.

Decorate the wall on a budget

Stickers are one of the best ways to decorate your wall on a budget — but very little. These items are creative, versatile and mainly serve children's rooms and home offices, or rest and reading corners.

Adhesive the wall is like being a child again, when you wrote on the new painting of the house and then got scolded by the parents. Giving this light touch to the environment leaves the place with a calm and innovative air.

You can choose light luxury fashion iron wall decoration for various themes: abstract, cars, animals, geometric figures, among others. As for the colors, relax that there are several, enough to match the rest of your environment. That is, there are options for whatever the style of your decoration.