Iron wall decoration: 7 Amazing Ideas
11.12.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

How to redefine iron wall decoration?

Many people have had or still keep old wall indoors. With unique beauty and differentiated design, models made of iron can become great allies in the composition of styles for indoor and outdoor areas for iron wall decoration.

Want to know more about this possibility? So see now 5 ways to use iron wall in decoration!

1. Bet on vintage design pieces

Of course, you can use iron pieces from a more up-to-date wall line, but nothing replaces the elegance and refinement of a vintage model. If you don't have a copy kept at home or in the home of a family member, the tip is to look in specialized stores.

Just be careful not to mix up different items from the past in a single room in the house iron wall decoration, after all, a good distribution is what guarantees the balance between the retro and the modern.

2. Define a style to combine materials for iron wall decoration

The use of an iron piece in the decoration can generate different perceptions for the space user. That's why you need to define the style you want in the house before you even combine the wall with other materials in the place. See some examples:

Rustic style: the combination of iron wall with wooden wall is ideal for creating a rustic atmosphere. To enhance the style, bet on lighting in warm tones and add heavy fabrics;

Modern style: a contemporary look calls for careful use of iron furniture. The tip is to choose a model to highlight and combine it with lots of glass and walls in neutral colors;

Industrial style: Worn-looking iron wall fits this iron wall decoration very well. Feel free to combine the pieces with a concrete wall or exposed masonry and also with types of   rustic coverings, such as demolition wood and carton steel.

3. Customize an old model with paint

Colorful elements are always welcome in interior decoration because they bring joy and movement. The good news is that you can customize iron wall by painting it in bright colors like pink, yellow, red or turquoise. For a more clean and delicate look, bet on the application of white or beige paint.

How to use iron furniture in decoration?

If you're not into color and still want a renewed piece, you can simply restore the iron wall with a chemical rust remover for iron wall decoration.

Just apply the product all over the piece, wash it with water and finish the process with a coat of rust-resistant primer.

4. Turn iron wall into highlights

True lovers of iron pieces are not content to use them as a complement to decoration. If you are part of this group, take advantage of the tips to highlight iron wall in different environments:

Bedrooms: use light-colored bedspreads and fabrics to emphasize the frame of an iron bed;

Rooms: keep foliage on iron sideboards or even coffee/corner tables;

Kitchens: install iron shelves to support dishes, dishes and utensils that are part of the kitchen decoration;

Bathrooms: in place of the cabinet, accommodate a beautiful iron cabinet type with a top made of stone to support the sink;

Outdoor areas: in a yard with trees, distribute iron benches under the crowns for shade. Smaller gardens or balconies require a set of table and chairs.

5. Enhance your wall with fabrics for iron wall decoration

Unlike wood and natural fibers, iron is a cold material and often uncomfortable to the touch. If you want to guarantee a soft and cozy piece in iron wall decoration, be sure to invest in upholstered details on the seats of antique chairs and benches.

You can also bet on pillows, futons and covers every time you use the furniture. The advantage of these removable items is the possibility to change the color or print of the fabric whenever you want a new look. Realize that, with care and attention, you can adapt iron wall to different purposes without putting aside your personality.

Our house is a space of comfort, rest and leisure, therefore it deserves special attention. To receive friends, relax after a long day at work or simply enjoy home with the family, a good decoration is essential.

How to do iron wall decoration with small budget?

However, contrary to what many people think, it is possible the iron wall decoration with little expense. If you research, plan and invest in different ideas, you can redesign different environments without breaking your budget.

Want to know how? So, stay with us and get to work!

1. Investigate thrift stores

Thrift stores are excellent options to save money when decorating the house. In addition to selling at low prices, they usually have unique and exclusive pieces. Want a better way to leave your home truly like you?

Many furniture and decorative objects found in thrift stores ended up there because their former owners moved, or because they no longer had anything to do with the original home.

Take a few visits and you'll see how easy it is to find high-quality parts or items with little time to use for iron wall decoration.

2. Invest in minimalist décor for iron wall decoration

When we talk about decor, many people immediately think of extravagant changes, artwork, fine rugs, luxury furniture… In other words, just expensive items that, deep down; don't really fit most people's style.

The important thing here is to choose the right items, which will create harmony with the other elements and with the color of the room's walls for iron wall decoration. Combine discreet tones on large surfaces, invest in multifunctional furniture and decorate with few objects.

3. Use light fixtures and light hose

It is possible to find a wide variety of models of table lamps and table lamps at low prices. Lightweight and versatile, these devices can be transported easily and add a special touch to any space.

For an impactful effect on the decoration, the ideal is to include more than one point of light in the same environment. Arrange, for example, a floor lamp beside the sofa and small lamps inside the wall niches or on the living room furniture.

The combination will create games of light and shadow that convey coziness and elegance to the room while iron wall decoration. Another interesting option is the LED hose, which can be used to illuminate baseboards, crown molding and stairs in the house.

4. Repair old pieces of furniture

Old furniture can be used in more modern homes. With simple renovation works, it is possible to have an old piece re-inserted in the decoration. Check out options for renovating furniture:

5. Painting for iron wall decoration

If you like simplicity, try painting old pieces in neutral colors like white or beige. Otherwise, bet on bright tones such as yellow, pink, red or turquoise. The colorful furniture is still on the rise and is welcome in different decorative styles.