Why invest in iron silent wall clock at home?
03.21.2022 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Far beyond its simple timekeeping functionality, the iron silent wall clock brings a mix of beauty and personality to the environment in which it is incorporated. Whether they have a rustic, modern, contemporary, minimalist or creative touch, it doesn't matter, the wall clock cannot be left out of your project’s decor.

You want to bring even more versatility, personality and sophistication to your room by including a wall clock. You are still in doubt about the different models on the market, keep reading. In this post, you will find tips, types and countless spaces with wall clock. Get inspired and choose the watch that best fits your environment!

Iron silent wall clock fastened by a belt

Do you want to include in your home or office decor an object that is both decorative and functional at the same time? So, you should reserve a space in your room to insert iron silent wall clock. Classic and democratic, wall clocks are easy to harmonize with different tastes and decoration styles. Just let your creativity run wild and choose the ideal model that fits your environment.

What to consider before buying a wall clock?

Installation location: define the place where the wall clock to install:

  • Kitchen
  • living room
  • dining room
  • bedroom…

 Each room has a different style and the accessory must decorate correctly

Height: pay attention to the height of the wall clock. Think of a place that is easy to see the time and that at the same time stays in harmony with the decoration of the environment

Wall clock design: choose the wall clock model that best fits your project

Wall clock size: in addition to the design, it is important to pay attention to the size of your wall clock, so that the environment is not overloaded.

Why invest in iron silent wall clock at home?

You will hardly be late for any occasion. The presence of the wall clock gives personality to the decoration of the environment.

The wall clock is a timeless accessory, that is, it never goes out of style. Some wall clock models are valuable and represent true luxury items. Other iron silent wall clock models are historical and are easy to inherit from close relatives, thus carrying sentimental value.

Best iron silent wall clock

Contrary to what many think, vintage and retro decor is a little different. But what is the difference between them anyway? In vintage decor, furniture such as sofas, armchairs, tables, china cabinets, as well as decorative items such as paintings and wall clocks are original from the time. These pieces are usually mined in antique shops or inherited from close relatives.

The retro style, on the other hand, gave the decoration a reinterpretation, mainly, of the 70s and 80s, that is, in this case, both the furniture and the decorative objects present in the place used today are inspired by the design of products manufactured in decades previous.

Different Style of iron silent wall clock

In the market it is possible to find different models of antique wall clock, retro style, which pleases all tastes and decoration styles.

The antique iron silent wall clock that follows vintage decor does not change. Therefore we can use it in the same way as they were used in past decades. Some models pay homage to famous brands, while other models feature a more robust structure, usually made of iron.

Your home is much prettier when the elements match the decor you've chosen. Whether through furniture and accessories, it is possible to create a multitude of adjustments that leave the environment with your style.

Wall clocks are a good option

 There are so many models, it is practically impossible not to get the choice right. Want to learn how to decorate the house using them? So see below for some tips!

The main models of wall clocks are the conventional ones (round, oval or square), the chime and the iron. Conventional models are the most common and can usually be found made of plastic and acrylic. By the way, if you like colorful items, they are your best option.

Already the carillon models are usually made of wood and work by means of a pendulum, which move the inner gears. Iron silent wall clock is extremely unique. It also works with a pendulum and takes its name from the iron, which can be programmed to ring at the desired time.

Where to use each iron silent wall clock?

Known for its classic and elegant appearance, the chime clock is perfect for use in a living room, especially if your intention is to bring a more traditional style to the environment. In addition, it goes well with wooden furniture and rustic sofas.

First, it is necessary to understand a little about the minimalist philosophy. It basically consists of that famous expression “less is more”, that is, using only really necessary items. In minimalist decor, adornments and decorative items that are not actually used can be left out.

The iron silent wall clock also has a traditional look and attracts everyone's eyes. A tip is to place it on lighter colored walls, so it gains a contrast and stands out. This model is more than a watch, it is a decoration object. Therefore, try to balance the rest of the objects that are in the environment, so that it does not get lost in the middle.

Conventional Model of iron silent wall clock

Conventional models, on the other hand, allow for a greater variety of uses. Colored ones can be used to make the environment more cheerful and fun (such as the kitchen, living room and bedrooms for example), while neutral colors are great for offices and offices.

Many people think that in order to get the right decoration of a room, it is necessary to include different types of objects, furniture and decorative items. However, did you know that it is also possible to make your home beautiful using little? So above are some minimalist decor tips perfect for those who value space, like practicality and a pleasant environment!