7 Interior Decoration for Home Tips to Apply in 2022
12.09.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

A small room is always a concern of many owners. How to do interior decoration for home to look larger is what we believe many people have thought about but do not know where to start.

Don't worry because today we will bring you super cool small room decorating tips that you can apply immediately to your space.

7 tips to decorate a small room

Minimalist furniture, install shelves

The first tip in decorating a small room is to keep the interior minimalist. Do not try to cram a lot of complicated, unnecessary details into your room because not only will the room become cluttered but also more cramped.

Furniture with hinges to fold will help you fold when you want to expand more space as well as move flexibly.

Next is the installation of wall shelves for interior decoration for home. The way to optimize your space is to install shelves and furniture in the corner. On the shelf is a place where you can display decorative items, books, small plants or anything.

Choose light tones for interior decoration for home

For small room decoration tips, color always plays an important role. The right color is even more important when your space is somewhat limited.

The most suitable tones for small rooms are neutral light colors, for example: light yellow, sky blue, white, etc. This will make the small room brighter and the feeling will also increase. It is much bigger and cleaner.

Choose Bright Colors in Home Decoration

No matter how attractive bright colors are, you have to accept the fact that only bright colors can make interior decoration for home.

Mirrors are a very good reflector of light and one thing that you need to note with these small room decorating tips is that this is the secret to making it larger.

Mirrors can absorb and reflect natural or artificial light, making a room brighter and larger. If your space takes advantage of natural light, hanging a large mirror on the wall will make the space feel much larger.

Many interior experts also use many mirrors to create special lighting effects for living spaces.

Dividing space with furniture in interior decoration for home

This means that we will use the furniture itself to separate the spaces.

Especially when the house has two adjacent rooms that are not divided by walls, such as the living room and the kitchen, the best way to make use of the space is to divide them through a bookshelf, glass wall, kitchen island, etc. .. This will make the space more open and open than when building separate walls.

Let's hang the TV on the wall

Buying a TV shelf takes up a lot of space and if the TV is also a large size, the space will certainly be narrow because of that. We can simply enhance interior decoration for home.

Place TV on a Wider Place

Consider the option of hanging the TV on the wall with a set of brackets that will definitely be better. The plugs can be hidden away for a clean, modern feel.


According to vision health experts, hanging the TV on the wall also creates the correct sitting posture and avoids nearsightedness. This is one of the useful tips for decorating a small room.

Create a space to look at the ceiling

The next small room decoration tip is to create a space to look up at the ceiling. Whether your ceiling is high or low, the decor should create space when looking up.

You can hang lights and other decorations to create a more cozy feeling for the room without too obstructing the space.

The space above the sofa to hand over photos, bookshelves or some other decoration is a great idea for a small room.

Take advantage of windows and balconies

Large windows and balconies are a great point in interior decoration for home that you need to keep in mind.

You can place an extra chair, plant plants and fresh flowers or place a tea table near the window. This will surprise you with the flexibility that the space by the window brings.

As for the balcony, not only can you take advantage of the great natural light, but you can also make use of the balcony itself as another open space, such as adding a set of tables and chairs, placing useful furniture there. .

Urban style is considered a variation of modern style, also known as Urban Modern Style. In addition, Urban Style also inherits some advantages from Industrial Style with a combination of cream and coffee colors, with a unique design that highlights notable items.

Urban brings the beauty of modernity, urbanism, the common feature of Urban style is the liberality in every detail.

Beautiful house design Urban style

If you want to decorate your space interior in urban style, then "surely" in the process, you must follow the following principles to avoid confusion with other interior design styles!

Designing a beautiful house in urban style needs to prioritize the following 4 points:

  1. The layout of the space is liberal – free – stylish

Because of the trend of modernity, the layout of space when choosing Urban style needs to be liberal and free by creating an open space with large glass frames to see the natural landscape.

Besides, you should design spaces according to different purposes such as "relaxing" space, stylish working space according to your own taste.

You should:

  • Prioritize the design of large window frames and use glass materials
  • Arrange living room, office space, open space, airy.
  1. Modern style interior combined with traditional features

You should be "stylish" in interior decoration for home.

You should:

Choose furniture that has a unique design but is still simple and beautiful.

The materials used should be metal and wood for interior decoration for home

In Urban interior design style, people often use materials such as copper, steel, metal pipes for decoration and construction to create a new beauty.

At the same time, it is also combined with the main wood material to bring warmth and harmony to the overall design.

You should:

– Use wood, copper, steel or other metal materials to bring modern rigidity to the house but still be comfortable and eye-catching.

– You can also diversify materials such as leather, canvas or fur rugs to make the house more luxurious!