How to make home decoration? 8 Ideas in 2021
12.09.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Why decorate the house?

How to make home decoration: first of all, the aesthetics. Decorating your home to your liking also stimulates creativity and aesthetics. In addition, if there is enough time for the whole family to decorate and decorate together, the closer the family bond will be.

 Besides, decorating the house in accordance with your preferences will bring a sense of comfort, excitement, and enjoyment to the homeowner during the time of living. This is important to determine the attachment between the owner and that house.

Here are some tips about how to make home decoration, please refer to them carefully!

1. Choose the right style for the whole house

 Currently, there are many architectural styles for homeowners to freely choose such as:

  • neoclassical style
  • classical style
  • modern style

Choosing the right style seems simple but it is not. It plays a very important role in deciding the aesthetic for the whole house. You should consider and learn carefully about the characteristics and construction costs of each style model to find the most suitable style for your family.

We would like to emphasize once again that deciding on style is very important.  Hence, you must choose wisely from the very beginning, before starting to build to achieve the best effect.

Choose modern how to make home decoration ideas

 Note: You should choose how to make home decoration styles that are less outdated. They are to have a longer time to use as well as keep the value of the house longer. If you love simplicity, elegance and least fear of being outdated, modern style is a great choice.

  1. Pay attention to the comfort and convenience of each piece of furniture

 All furniture in the house is selected for a certain purpose, be it to decorate to increase the aesthetics or buy for use, but you must always ensure comfort and convenience.

And whatever architectural style you choose, comfort should come first. For example: Between a beautiful sofa and a comfortable, comfortable sofa…. We choose the one that is just enough to use, smooth, how about you?

3. Pay attention to the size to make home decoration

Considering the how to make home decoration size is also something you need to pay attention to. It is good when planning to buy furniture for your house.

 Before you go shopping, you should measure the size of each area of ​​​​the house. This will make it easier for you to choose the right furniture. Avoid buying furniture that is too big or too small for the size of the room to avoid disrupting the aesthetics of the whole house.

  1. Always make a plan and execute it

In order to fulfill the criterion of "smart shopping, just enough", you must definitely plan for that shopping. Thanks to this plan, you know what to buy, how much and at the same time can easily understand the total cost of decorating your home.

On the contrary, if you do not have a specific plan, you will easily fall into the trap of buying unnecessary things.

5. Do not cram patterns and colors when decorating your home

Many people think that combining many colors will be beautiful in how to make home decoration. The space will become luxurious. Many colors do not mean it is suitable for your home.

Mixing too many colors together will make the house confusing and unbalanced, resulting in ruining the aesthetics of the whole house. Therefore, consider carefully before choosing a paint color for your house and should only choose a few locations as accents.

  1. Don't abuse neutral colors

Neutral, easy-to-mix colors such as black, gray, white, and beige are always the right choice for all types of homes, making the house lighter, more sophisticated, and more luxurious. But overusing these colors will make the house bland, gloomy and lifeless. So balance the how to make home decoration colors accordingly.

  1. Lack of light for the house

+ Lack of light from nature: The lack of light will often be found in houses without windows or tube houses without skylights. Because you can't take advantage of natural light, whether it's day or night, you still have to use lights, which will cost you a decent amount of electricity as well as being in a stuffy, stuffy space.

Lack of light in how to make home decoration

 Currently, there are many types of lights. Each of them has:

  1. different capacity
  2. light, and
  3. design

You have to choose so that it fits the style of the house and ensures that you don't have to worry about it. It provides enough light for daily activities.

For example, yellow light (incandescent) is often arranged in the bedroom to create a feeling of warmth and closeness, while white light (tube, compact) is often placed in the living room to create a feeling. gentle, elegant.

Ideas to redecorate the house are extremely easy to do

In this article, we also want to give you how to make home decoration ideas to remodel the house. It is to become more beautiful, change the decoration - change the atmosphere. Hopefully, it will help you feel more comfortable living, reduce fatigue after hard working hours.

  1. Selection of new furniture
  2. Change the floor mats
  3. 3. Change house wall color

If you feel that the repainting is too complicated, you can choose to use wallpaper to save money and time. A small tip for you is that nowadays wallpaper patterns are extremely diverse,  we believe that you will not need to spend too much time to choose for yourself the most satisfactory paper model.

  1. Change the curtains

If you haven't changed the curtains for a long time, the simplest way to refresh the house is to order a new set of curtains. You can follow how to make home decoration ideas.  

5. Decorate the "dead" corners of the house

Stair corners are often "dead" corners in the house because they are not utilized and do not bring any utility. So this weekend, take a day off of you to decorate that corner! Your house will definitely become more beautiful. You can use the corner of the stairs to make a shelf, a seat or more easily to plant a small pot of beautiful bonsai.

  1. More indoor green space

 Put more plants in the house to increase the aesthetics

Take a simple example like the space in the bedroom: If you are still using a white light, to change the atmosphere you just need to change a yellow light. As simple as that, but surely your room has become more romantic, more "bedroom" quality.