Floor Porch Flower Rack: 5 Ideas for Decoration
03.16.2022 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Open floor porch flower rack on the wall fit into any style of interior. Designers carefully and lovingly add products of a suitable configuration to the author's projects. Well-known brands create new collections, present them at exhibitions, and launch mass production. 

Such interest is not accidental. Shelves, both individually and assembled into a rack, can complete the design of a room, add functional utility and even zone the space. In combination with the right lighting, you get a stylish and atmospheric decor.

Other benefits of floor porch flower rack are obvious:

  • ease of assembly;
  • Moreover, all items in plain sight;
  • variety of the product line - style, materials, sizes, accent or background design, cost;
  • Quick transformation, easy change of installation location.

The disadvantages include perhaps the need to monitor the cleanliness of surfaces and objects placed on them. But here, too, there are recommendations on how to make care easy, without wasting time.


No matter how far IT technologies have stepped, it is difficult to find a family in whose house there would be no traditional printed books. Subscription editions, special and children's literature, genre single copies replenish home libraries. Accordingly, storage space requires. 

Closed cabinets, mezzanines and bedside tables are not the most convenient way to quickly find the book you need. An open floor porch flower rack or a professionally built composition of several shelves will allow not only to classify the book archive, but also to create a unique functional design in the interior.

 In addition, next to the bestseller there is always a place for a small vase, a photograph in the original frame, other memorable accessories or necessary trifles.

Racks are classified according to:

  • manufacturing materials;
  • Moreover, constructions;
  • Similarly, placement method.

The tuk-tuk.ua catalog will introduce you to the original elegant models. 


Classic accent wooden models, with textured design, are still popular in houses and spacious apartments. 

The color scheme selects to match the furniture of the overall design concept. Racks made of expensive wood species look majestic and can be placed along the wall rise to the ceiling or take place in the general ensemble of cabinet furniture. A separate room allocates for libraries, located in the office, under the stairs or in the living room.

Today, the style is in fashion, characterized by light, elegant forms. Shelves should provide the maximum area for practical use and not overload the space with additional details in the interior.

Metal floor porch flower rack, painted with anti-corrosion powder paint, perfectly copes with the task. 

Options - metal with shelves from:

  • chipboard
  • Similarly, plywood
  • MDF
  • Furthermore, PVC.

Many products are provided with limiters on the back wall, which gives stability and prevents exhibits from falling over the perimeter. 


Elegant modifications - a brass frame plus a tempered glass sheet are ergonomic and reliable in operation. Free placement of artworks in combination with other decorative elements implies the presence of free space.

Double-sided models are ideal for dividing a room into zones.

How to place floor porch flower rack?

Plants on the background of the window look harmonious. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to put all the flowers on the windowsill. Plates may be missing or too narrow for pots. The solution is neat coasters that are easy to choose for arranging flowerpots in a room, on a loggia, balcony or terrace. 

Eco- floor porch flower racks are:

  • solid - ready for installation;
  • prefabricated in the factory with fasteners;
  • Modular, when the buyer independently determines how many honeycombs need to be purchased.

The dimensions of the plants and the number of flower pots are the criteria for choosing suitable shelves.

  1. Floor installations, simple or complex structure, allow you to create an oasis that is convenient for watering and providing the necessary care.
  2. Wall shelves do not take up space; they favorably locate on a free wall, even in a small apartment. In low light, install additional lamps or use shelves for shade-tolerant succulents, ferns or ivy.
  3. Hill - the combined rack. It can serve as a continuation of the wall, an element of decorative zoning.
  4. Stepladder with wide steps - a simple effective configuration with the ability to fix the desired height. 

How to place corner floor porch flower rack?

If there is a free corner in the room, regardless of size, the corner structure will fit in there. In addition, it can be a model for one work surface or any convenient rack. 

The purpose is the most diverse:

  • toys
  • Similarly, kitchenware
  • goblets
  • Furthermore, collectible figurines
  • flowers
  • In addition, appliances
  • Similarly, a combination of different items

The rack can be both entered into an empty corner, and beat the speaker. There is one thing - you should not do it in narrow passage corridors.

As soon as it gets warmer in the spring, our indoor flowers move to the country. There, in the fresh air, pelargoniums and fuchsias feel much better. Moreover, they grow better, the flowers are larger and there are more of them.

I would like to place my favorite flowers in the garden comfortably, but at the same time they need certain conditions: light or shade, a canopy or fresh air, etc.

Generally, you can put pots with plants on the table or on a shelf near the house. Furthermore, my table is under a canopy near the house:

Floor Porch Flower Rack Decorating Ideas

What I liked the most was the metal shelving, arranged between the posts that support the canopy in front of the garden house.

Generally, floor porch flower rack comes of a profile pipe, welded to metal poles. A side attaches to the shelves. Hence, the plants stand steadily and are not blown away by a gust of wind.

The width of the shelf allows you to put two flower pots side by side, they have enough light.

The rack turned out to be located under a canopy, in the hottest time of the day the plants cover from the sun by a polycarbonate roof.

How to place different decorative items?

New technologies offer products made of composite materials that repel dust particles and are quite comfortable to clean. In order for open shelving, along with their contents, to look like a decoration, you should monitor the items that place on them.

 So in the kitchen you should not expose sets if they are not common in everyday life. They will have to be looked after more often than if they are hidden in a closed buffet. On the open floor porch flower rack of a cold loggia or in the bathroom there should be things that are not afraid of temperature changes and humidity.