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12.20.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Farmhouse wall décor in china doesn't just include wooden furniture or anything listed like expensive furniture. In fact, a truly beautiful home is in some cases a less expensive home.

If you are spending money on buying decorative furniture, don't ignore the idea of ​​​​conservative wall decoration, for example, that is both simple and beautiful, and makes the space of your home change significantly, the wall decorations. If you took a break from paper or color decor a few years ago, the wall decor styles have now become extremely creative.

Farmhouse wall décor in china with patterns

Wall decoration with wall paint in recent years is very popular. Farmhouse paint is not just a single layer of paint, but a color combination that creates an impressive wall. This way of painting the walls can also show the style and personality of the farmhouse.

 There are many ways to for farmhouse wall décor in china, for example here is painting the wall with decorative patterns, it is highlighted with eye-catching patterns.

There are many ways to create a pattern on the wall such as:

  • Use texture rollers to add texture to your walls
  • Use cardboard cutout shapes to your liking and then draw them on the wall

Draw patterns directly on the wall yourself

In addition, you can be creative by decorating different shapes:

  • Paper butterflies
  • 3D hearts
  • available models to create patterns
  • small pieces of wood
  • paint
  • decorative covers for children's bedrooms

 The picture forms a large picture frame on the wall. Moreover, it creates a geometry, abstract painting, and cloth with unique textures.

Rustic patterns decorate the living room wall

The combination of many colors in a living room space can lose the inherent beauty of the farmhouse. It is not advisable to decorate the living room wall where you receive your loved ones in a colorful way because they are easy to bring a confusing feeling when living in the interior space.

The trick is to create accents for the walls of the farmhouse with striking patterns and similar colors to the furniture. If you do not want the color to be just a transparent color, why not try decorating the wall with glass. 

Wall decoration pattern in the living room

Simple decorative patterns that should be used, you can refer to and immediately apply your creativity

Use horizontal, vertical or checkered lines on the wall

Create a unique patterned surf image in the living room space. The lines of different colors winding on the surface will help the wall become more flexible and soft.

Abstract design: You can use wall paintings, color paint, or decorative glass to bring out the most beautiful and outstanding space.

Creating simple writing on the wall with a slogan, number or some upbeat, cheerful saying will be a great inspiration for the farmhouse wall décor in china.

Place to decorate on the farmhouse


With the way of wall decoration will almost help your family save a lot of money and still have a beautiful space for the farmhouse, the position that needs decoration that is highly appreciated today is in the living room, room.

Every farmhouse can be decorated with walls such as tube farmhouses, town farmhouses, and individual farm households want to decorate

Wall decoration position

The living room is the first place where friends and family come to visit. Therefore, it is essential that you pay attention to farmhouse wall décor in china. You can choose a variety of materials for decoration such as colors, pictures, decorative wooden furniture... to create variety for the room.

Similar to the bedroom, the kitchen has the perfect choice for interior decoration, there are also many disadvantages from cheap materials that will not last long if you use glass paintings to decorate, almost very beautiful and easy to clean long lasting clean

How to choose colors & wall decoration materials?

When decorating your home to welcome friends or celebrate holidays, you can completely combine many bright and warm tones together to create a luxurious and impressive look for your new home space. Add extra pillows and chairs to match the wall color for the farmhouse in the dominant neutral tone.

Colorful space combined with furniture

Possessing a cleverly coordinated colorful living space, you will feel a colorful atmosphere full of enthusiasm. You can decorate the farmhouse on the wall with 2 to 3 colors or more, preferring to choose bright, warm and pleasant colors such as crimson, turquoise,

Monochromatic colors can make the farmhouse look monotonous and boring. If you choose farmhouse wall décor in china with bold tones to decorate the walls, the home space not only exudes warmth and elegance, but also helps to increase the depth of the room.

How to decorate the wall with glass mirrors?

Surely after a few years of decorating with cheap materials, the modern era has replaced it with beautiful paintings with decorative glass on the wall, with mirrors in addition to decorative paintings on the glass.

They will exude a beautiful and luxurious look, in addition to creating a clean and airy space. For example, some apartments are decorated in the living room, where the reception space is created

Create accents when decorating the bedroom wall

Emphasizing wall accents is a popular new design approach. And the bedroom is definitely a place not to be missed. Many interior designers have used this simple but effective method and created individual and unique interior spaces.

There are many ways to create an accent wall. From printing wallpaper to using materials such as wood, plastic, fabric, leather... a variety to choose from.

Bedroom wall decoration

One of the simple, low-cost bedroom wall decoration solutions and highlighting the headboard wall is to use wallpaper with unique patterns. Wallpaper will make your room livelier, brighter and especially when other surfaces are monochrome.

Even a small change in color or the use of simple patterned wallpaper in the same color as the wall makes the headboard stand out, making it impossible to ignore.

The farmhouse wall décor in china stands out with bright, fancy colors. Horizontal stripes help you to expand the room.

Conclusion farmhouse wall décor in china

Just a sheet of fabric at the head of the bed also helps to change the room dramatically. It is brighter and more dynamic. The effect of a canvas is amazing. Especially it is suitable for every bedroom.

The highlight is not always just on the head of the bed, instead you can decorate it all over the room so that when you wake up you can see it first. This will help you to have a good mood and positive energy for a long day.