Decorative Mirror Wall Hung on the Background Wall 2022
04.25.2022 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

How to install decorative mirror wall hung on the background wall? The living room is a place that symbolizes warmth and fullness, so in the interior decoration of the living room, people often recommend arranging mirrors in the living room to double that good effect.

But how to place the living room mirror to make your living room more beautiful, sophisticated but also in a reasonable position? Today's article will give a few ideas that can help you refer to your home.

Decorative mirror wall hung on the background wall

Mirrors with large sizes are fixed in an area of ​​the living room wall. This is the most common way but still brings great efficiency in expanding the living room as well as increasing the luxury beauty of the house.

Mount the small living room mirror vertically

Do not use a large living room mirror, only using a mirror for a part of the wall. It is to create symmetry with the central picture is a very popular decoration. Decorative mirror wall hung on the background wall come vertically on the wall to add a luxurious and cozy beauty to the reception space.

Mount the living room mirror depending on the size horizontally

Mirrors placed horizontally on the wall, parallel to the sofa are also a great solution to reduce the height of the ceiling in case the ceiling is too high to unbalance the room.

In addition, it is also possible to decorate by attaching many small mirrors horizontally. Mirrors that are mounted horizontally, one after another, fit on one wall with a delicate border. This will help the living room increase its beauty and personality. 

Use decorative mirror wall hung on the background wall

Instead of using wall paintings to decorate, you can also hang mirrors of different sizes. What the mirror receives from the actual images makes the creative paintings on the wall more sharp and personal, creating a unique feature for your living room.

Living room mirror placed perpendicular to the window

Mirrors connect from many different pieces, placed in the wall perpendicular to the window. This will be an interesting idea, helping to bring the most light into the living room, making the room brighter.

Living room mirror combined with other materials

Using a mirror in the living room as a way to create accents with horizontal patterns on the wall is also a good idea. Each layer of mirror to a layer of tile or a layer of wood is also an interesting way to help the room add eye-catching accents and exude sophistication and modernity.

Put decorative mirror wall hung on the background wall to the sofa

The living room corner with a modest area will come in space thanks to the installation of cheap high-end mirrors with the same height as the ceiling next to the sofa. With the combination of mirrors on the wall, the reception space will be more beautiful, luxurious, shimmering and also more spacious.

Mirrors create accents for the wall behind the sofa

If the wall behind the sofa has not been decorated or beautified with lights, you can consider installing decorative mirror wall hung on the background wall. Mirrors with contours and contrasting colors to the walls will immediately attract all the eyes of first-time visitors, making your home extremely outstanding and eye-catching.

Decorate your bathroom with a striking wall mirror. Obviously, in the bathroom, mirrors are indispensable, but did you know that mirrors also know how to make the most of their wonderful function for your home space? Architects have long known how to use mirrors to create beautiful designs, and we've picked out 10 of the best ideas right here!

Fill in the wall gaps with large wall mirrors

Your bathroom has an empty wall that is "calling for help". It is to become more stylish and elegant, here. A large mirror will help inspire you. The space expands; the mirror will make the room have a luxurious and timeless beauty.

Mirrors combined with LED lights will create a unique attraction for the room. Although there is only one highlight, with the power of LED light, it is both soft and shining. The mirror still looks vibrant and formal in a very personal way.

Use a gold-rimmed mirror for a modern bathroom

The use of gold-rimmed mirrors in interior decoration often makes people think of neoclassical style. However, if your bathroom is designed in a modern style but you still love the ridged mirrors, you can refer to this mirror model. A little accent with shiny gold combined with other decorative items in the bathroom creates a completely different space.

Break the way with steel rim mirrors

Not only impressed by the frame, but this mirror also attracts all the attention by its design. Choosing a steel rim mirror is a smart and bold design. This is a mirror with a personality iron frame, helping the wall stand out more.

Bathroom mirror cabinet

Not only small bathroom designs, but any bathroom will be upgraded with this modern wall mirror cabinet. Not only helping to increase the storage area in an extremely reasonable location, the mirror combined with the storage system helps your family's bathroom become more luxurious and neat.

Decorate the bathroom with neoclassical mirror

Decorative mirror wall hung on the background wall is elegant and luxurious. A design that is very suitable for those who love neoclassical style in this design, the owner has carefully combined metal details in the modern bathroom, including a prominent wall mirror design.

Why use wall art mirror for living room with small area?

By gluing the mirror meticulously with this glue material, you will have a durable living room decorative mirror. Thanks to this method, artisans can unleash their creativity, producing unique, beautiful and sophisticated mirrors. These meet many different decorative styles, from classical to modern.

High-class living room wall mirror

Pairing small pieces of mirrors to form a large mirror box, wall art living room mirrors not only decorate the interior but also optimize space, helping to deceive the eye that the space is much larger. In addition, gluing the mirror panel directly on the wall plane also helps to save the maximum area. You do not need to worry about the thickness of the mirror affecting your already small room.