7 Decorative Flowers DIY Tips to Decorate a Home
11.23.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Decorative flowers symbolize joy, life and affection. Have you ever wondered how that “dumb” corner of your house would look beautiful with a beautiful and delicate little flower? Sometimes, it's the missing touch to compose the decor with elegance and a lot of charm.

If your excuse for not composing a room with little plants was related to the combination of decoration, now your problems are over. Check out the tips of these two nature lovers!

How to decorate the house with flowers?

Decorative flowers bring a lot of joy to a home and your daily life. The cool thing is that you can join the species that best suit your personality and/or decor style. Also, did you know that it is very common to make an element contrast? For example:

  • rustic decor + neutral flowers.

This game is very fun and brings an air of coziness to the environment. In fact, it can already be considered our first tip of the article! Shall we go to the next ones? Follow:

Choose focal points for flowers

You know that beautiful arrangement of gerberas you received, but you believe it doesn't fit your living room? Calm down and rethink! Maybe you're not looking at it with a macro view of your room.

You can decorate with decorative flowers in a thousand and one different ways. To help, if you are new to the art of decorating, have focal points to insert your arrangements. For example, a coffee table, beside a lamp or on the dinner table.

No excuses to have a nice and cozy corner!

Have fun vases

It is already a trend in decoration to have fun vases and in different formats. The cool thing is that you can add any species and they look beautiful. The order of the day is those with the shapes of faces or drawn figures, you know? Super creative!

A vase can bring a modern, spontaneity feel and be the joy of home.

Use decorative flowers to create beautiful arrangements

Forget the idea that you can only have flowers if you have fine, elegant arrangements. A pot of olives, sauerkraut, bowls and even glasses of cream cheese can indeed turn into cachepots and become beautiful decorative objects.

You can adopt this idea — of smaller vases — as your decorative flowers wither or to better divide them, as is the case if you receive a mega bouquet of 100 roses.

Keep the "dead" flowers

Decorate the house with dried flowers? Why not? It is already a strong tendency to keep the petals or dead flowers inside a book so they can dry and become a beautiful decorative object.

You can create a new arrangement or even make a nice frame out of them. It is beautiful and gives a super romantic touch to the environment.

Have decorative flowers in your room

Many people choose not to have decorative flowers inside the room due to the scent. However, a tip is to choose those that do not give off a strong aroma, such as gerberas.

The lilies and carnations, for example, are not good options to have in the room. But if you don't mind the smell, no problem!

Our bedroom needs to be our retreat indoors. This private space is the ideal place not only for physical but spiritual rest as well.

How to set home environment with decorative flowers?

Outside of bedtime, we can simply settle down in a nice corner and meditate on our life – even lying down – feeling good aromas and inner peace. And some decorative items can help at this point, believe me.

For example, how about putting some flower arrangements in your room? Think about how much beauty natural species can add to these scenarios.

But is this really correct? What about those “plants in the bedroom not recommended” stories? Would it have a right dose to put plants in decorations like this? Well, find the answers to these questions in the text below.

The secrets of flower prints

When we talk about using decorative flowers in bedroom decor, we don't need to limit ourselves to potted flowers. Many other room personalization items can feature a floral print and thus make the room look more delicate and romantic. This list may include items of bedding, wallpaper, curtains, paintings, lamp domes, and more.

The first thing we need to highlight about this idea is that it appeals much more and reminds the female audience a lot more. The essence of femininity in women's bodies is precisely in its curved lines. And the lines of the plant's stems and flowers also look sinuous. But how, after all, did they succeed in “unisex” style projects, so to speak?

Well, the key to everything is balance. Therefore, we can have a double room, for example, decorated with elements with a floral print.

However, on the other hand, it is also necessary to invest in straight lines for the same scenario. Thus, we would have a mixed type composition, with lines and curves representing the male and female character.

Species of plants and flowers for bedroom decoration

Now, it is necessary to reform the idea that the more masculine or feminine character of an environment can be determined by the predominance of straight lines and curves.

Following this thought, we can, in certain cases, choose to give only small touches of femininity in room decorations. And this, obviously from what we already understand, can be done using decorative flowers arrangements.

Veronica Torres Gomes

 Now, you need to decide: whether or not to use flowers in the bedroom? No, natural flowers don't steal oxygen from people sleeping nearby, after all these beings breathe too.

They could even act positively for the health of the occupants of the environment, helping to reduce headaches and even stress. In addition, they are scented and colorful, being great for decoration.

When choosing natural flowers for the bedroom, pay attention to some details, such as:

  1. ambient lighting;
  2. air circulation;
  3. time available for care
  4. Whether they are toxic or not, especially if there are animals in the house.

Thinking about this special corner of the house, examples of flower options for room decoration arrangements are:

  • White lilies, orchids of all shades, pink and lilac violets, red roses, pink roses and yellow begonias.

Final Thoughts

You are still afraid to put natural decorative flowers in your bedroom decor, no problem. An alternative is artificial flowers.

They can also brighten and give a lot of character to the room's decor. Many of them can be easily washed. And they can also be used in lamp shades, light strings, loose inside pots, or inside vases.