6 Décor Home Ideas you can try in these Winters
11.23.2021 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Another year is drawing to a close, so it's time to talk about the interior design and decor home trends that promise to hit 2021 with force! If you like to keep up to date in this area, this article is for you!

Use of mirrors in decor home

Mirrors bring visual breadth to spaces, as well as a touch of elegance. Therefore, they should be even more present in 2021, especially those with more organic shapes.

Plants in the decoration

In this year of 2020, most people remained confined to their homes for months and this gave new meaning to their relationship with this environment. The need to make the house a relaxing place that inspires well-being has become even more intense. By bringing decor home plants into the environments, we can achieve this effect.

Maximalist decor home ideas

If you like a more exuberant environment, with several pieces of decoration and full of personality, this is your year! Although the minimalist style is already a classic that will never go out of style, in 2021, more extravagant environments will have their spotlight!

Aqua blue

Trend consultant WGSN's bet for the color of 2021 is Azul Aqua. It is a very electric tone that refers to nature and technology at the same time - another element that was intensely present in our lives in 2020. The color is vibrant and a good choice to bring a touch of energy to the environment!

Natural lighting

Solutions that enhance natural lighting will be more welcome than ever! Skylights, balconies, large windows and solar panels are features that bring sunlight in and are worth the investment.

It's been a few seasons since the rustic style came into evidence in the decor and never came out! Through it, it is possible to create more cozy environments and with a very familiar atmosphere in decor home.

Want to know how to bring that rustic touch to your space? See some tips!

Bet on wood

When we think of country houses, wood is always present! When bringing this material to an environment, it automatically gains a country atmosphere, in addition to being warmer and more welcoming. This effect works even better when the wooden parts have a more rudimentary finish.


Themed objects for decor home!

Bring to the composition decor home objects that refer to this bucolic style. Such as basketwork, rustic lanterns, decorative shells and other elements that reinforce this trend.

Invest in the foliage

A rustic space requires a lot of green in its ambiance! After all, rustic means precisely this connection with nature. To bring this about, bet on foliage in different shapes and sizes, trees, vertical garden. All of this creates the “urban jungle” setting, which is also in evidence and perfectly matches the rustic proposal.

Copper parts Copper

Objects are older than you think! In the past, copper pots were already used on farms to produce some foods. So, by bringing pieces with this finish, you can also print a rustic style in your environment.

1 Natural Materials for decor home

It's no surprise that the search for natural materials continues to set the course for decor home interior design and decor. With the arrival of the pandemic, the search for greater contact with nature, which was already a growing trend, gained gigantic proportions.

 There are many ways to bring nature into the home, whether through wood, woven fibers, stones and especially vegetation.

2 Light wood

Light wood remains firm and strong in interiors in 2021. The material is a great way to bring warmth and warmth into the home; in addition to fitting like a glove in neutral decorations. Scandinavian lovers will love the news.

3 Walls with Vibrant Colors

Vibrant decor home colors on walls, for example, are a good way to bring joy, emotion and personality to a home. The white walls, which were absolute last year, finally begin to lose ground in 2021.

4 Traditional Comforts


If the new order is the search for comfort, there is nothing more natural than the rise of traditional style. And after all, what can bring more coziness than a house full of cozy furniture and traditional prints. Thus, functionality and comfort will be priority.

5 Sophisticated Vintage

Grandma's house is the great inspiration in this trend. This is because it is an attempt to rescue the comfort and coziness present in childhood. Whenever there is talk of seeking comfort, grandma's house is remembered; and in times of pandemic it is natural that people are looking for just that kind of refuge.

So we can expect a lot of flowery wallpaper, embroidered elements and antiques in decor home.

6 Back of the 80s Style

Finally, the return to the aesthetic style of the 80s should mark 2021; but don't worry, it will be just the good part. Basic elements of this decade, such as sculptural furniture, bold colors and curved lines must appear frequently.

Nothing happens overnight, and our room was no different. We started researching small bedroom decor home solutions over a year ago, and just now it's ready. In this post we'll show you how we transform our bedroom with easy and cheap ideas.

Small Decorated Room

For those who live in small spaces, decorating is a challenge, if in addition to being small it is also rented, the challenge is doubled!

Even though this was our case, that didn't stop us from leaving the room nice, cozy and just the way we wanted it. And it doesn't have to stop you either!

We were very faithful to our decor home research, which is mostly summarized in this post here: 5 creative ideas for decorating a small room, which we did exactly a year ago! We try to strictly follow the guidelines to take advantage of spaces and the tips to make the environment seem bigger. Here are the main ideas we use:

Functional Furniture for decor home

The best way to “enlarge” the size of the small room and have space to store your stuff without looking cluttered is to choose furniture with multiple functions!

Bed with Drawers

Space under the bed is precious, and if you have a small room you better not waste it! A bed with large drawers or a bed with a trunk, for example, can be excellent solutions.

We opted for the bed with trundles, and even though it wasn't the bed of our dreams, it turned out to be really useful! The model we chose has giant drawers and fits a lot inside. The color was the only thing we didn't like because it didn't harmonize with the rest of the room, but a painting solved that problem in a very simple and satisfactory way!