10 Customize Wall Decor for Bedroom Ideas 2022
01.17.2022 | Decor Hub | Get The Unique Decoration Ideas From Our Blog

Decorating the room in a way that conveys our personality is not a simple task. In addition to looking for furniture that complements each other, it is also necessary to think about customize wall decor for bedroom ideas.

Maybe you don't know, but many people go through the same difficulty as you when choosing the best bedroom decor items. Especially when it comes to wallpapers.

Blue 3d wallpaper customize wall decor for bedroom ideas

Some customers have even told us that they are afraid of buying the wrong thing, not being able to make the right combination with the furniture or even getting sick of the print.

So thinking about it, I wrote this text to help you when choosing the best wallpaper for your room. If you like decoration and are passionate about coverings like us, you need to check out these tips.

Wallpapers for the bedroom: the best tips

Nothing better than our room having our face, right! In the next topics you will find wallpaper tips for single room, double room, and vintage room and here at Decorhub we have options, even for children's rooms. Check out:

Brick Wallpaper

Starting with one of our consumers' favorite coatings for bedroom wallpaper

This wallpaper is widely used to decorate bedrooms and living rooms or waiting rooms.

Here at Decorhub you will find customize wall decor for bedroom ideas, and much more!

This print is very much linked to rustic design and brings the image of a very modern and cool place.

Chevron customize wall decor for bedroom ideas

The chevron wallpaper has a geometric style and brings the impression of a modern environment, which can be used with funky decor objects such as flamingos and unicorns that are very trendy lately.




Geometric Wallpaper

And speaking of geometric wallpaper, this is one of the most modern coverings in the world of decorations.

Geometric wallpaper has many variations, and can be 3D geometric, zara marble or urban, imperial rose and even with baby models.

The symmetry provided by the geometric wallpaper can even bring a more classic tune to the room. For this, I mainly highlight the rose imperial wallpaper models.

Floral Wallpaper bedroom decoration

On the other hand, floral wallpaper is a great choice for bedroom wallpaper.

Unlike the previous ones, customize wall decor for bedroom ideas brings a more romantic and even harmonic ambiance. These prints are indicated as wallpapers for the bedroom because they convey calm, mainly due to the tonality of the colors they usually have.

When used, it usually asks for more intense lighting, combined with lighter furniture, as in the example of the floral wallpaper model with a striped background.

Bedroom wallpaper: Rose Gold

As I mentioned earlier in this text, prints with a rose tone can transform the environment into more classic ones. Here in this case, the rose gold tone is a model used mainly for this.

Decorhub customers usually buy the geometric rose samira model to decorate double rooms. That's because, the construction of the geometric elements and the gradient of the golden tones are more composed for this type of environment.

On the other hand, I recommend the zara soft pink rose gold wallpaper for single rooms mainly. The reason is that the zara print with lines in golden tones brings the idea of ​​a more lively, stripped down classic.  

Walls are elements that can help decorate any room in the house. For this, it is possible to count on several modern and practical options to be applied. Check out!

1 – Gallery Wall (gallery of paintings)

 Frames are the easiest item to create room decor. That's because you can make a gallery wall, which consists of assembling a wall with different models of frames.


 Try mixing frames of different colors, styles and textures. Thus, you create a more relaxed atmosphere and with your personality, since the photographs, drawings or phrases will be your choice. Therefore, you must try customize wall decor for bedroom ideas.

2 - Photo wall

 Another idea is to fill a wall with pictures of you, your friends and family. In addition to being able to form designs with them, this will give a touch of affection to the decoration.

3 - Adhesive

The wall sticker is in most decorations that want to provide textures and prints with practicality and efficiency.

 With models that imitate wood for a rustic room or offer fun designs for the children's room, for example, the use of stickers in wall decoration can suit all styles.

4 – Enveloping customize wall decor for bedroom ideas

Enveloping walls is a simple way to insert color into spaces. Here, you can choose different prints and even textures and mix them with cutouts that create unusual shapes.

5 – Wallpapers

Wallpapers are an alternative to stickers that can rely on patterns, colors and shapes. Here, the difference is that they need a special glue for customize wall decor for bedroom ideas.

6 - Fabric

Fabrics can be layered on the walls to offer more comfort and a special texture.

7 - Mirrors

The use of mirrors is indicated for those who want to provoke a feeling of amplitude to the room, in addition to leaving the space very elegant.

8 - Vertical garden

An idea for those who love plants and flowers is to create a vertical garden on a wall, both indoors and outdoors. Bet on a homemade garden and enjoy the benefits of seasonings grown by you!

9 - Lighting fixtures for bedroom decoration

There are many types of fun wall lamps in different shapes. In addition to decorating your walls, they also provide more comfortable lighting for bedrooms and offices, for example.

10 - Shelves

For those who want to decorate and still gain in the organization factor, shelves are great options. In them, you can store boxes, books and also add decorative accessories, such as pictures and vases.

 Keep browsing the blog and get inspired to get customize wall decor for bedroom ideas!

Sometimes it makes you want to change the whole room decor, huh? But where to start? Will it be too expensive to give a makeover?


Not always. That's why we've prepared some bedroom decorating tips so you don't want to leave the room and turn it into your favorite corner.

Within the current family context, bedrooms have become important environments for coexistence and development, especially for children and adolescents.