Cast Iron Wall Decoration Wholesale Factory 2022
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Check out the cast iron wall decoration Wholesale factory strategies and inspirations. These will help you create a dream room for children.

When decorating the children's room, it's impossible not to be a child again and be totally excited about the universe of possibilities that the theme brings. If the project is to set up a personalized girl's room or boy's room, the rule is: there are no rules - as there are a number of alternatives to explore when it comes to decorating a children's room.

If you are on this mission, cast iron wall decoration Wholesale factory will help you with some tips for you to combine:

  • Creativity
  • Trends
  • Functionality and make the space a suitable place to play sleep and study in the most playful way possible.

Colors and prints with cast iron wall decoration Wholesale factory

Play around with character colors and prints to create a fun setting. While neutral tones such as white, blue and light pink cover furniture with lightness, designs dress personal accessories and decorative items in the environment.

When putting creativity to work, when decorating the walls to assemble the ideal room for the child, you can think of alternatives like these:

– paint a wall of each color

– color the ceiling with two different colors, using stripes

– leave half of the wall in one color and the other half in another color

– insert themed wall stickers that match the rest of the decor (trees, animals, dolls).

Stories on the walls

For many children, walls can tell stories through colorful decorative objects. Bet on cast iron wall decoration Wholesale factory. Here are some inspirations:

– use prints that generate an optical illusion;

– use different prints on each wall so that they match and dialogue.

Tip: if the room will be used by a baby, it is important to be careful with the objects and wallpapers chosen. Ideally, they should be harmonic with light colors and without exaggeration, so that they do not distract the baby, especially at bedtime.

Check out stickers and wallpapers for decoration

Dolls, plushies, mobiles and wall decorations help a lot to enhance the decoration of the children's room. In addition to giving life to a playful environment, they contribute to telling and showing a little of the history of children of any age.

In the case of plushies and dolls, it is worth conserving and keeping them clean over the years. It is a way to stimulate memory, full of moments to remember and still keeps objects free from mites and dust.

Leisure space


It is possible to create charming leisure spaces for the children's room with cast iron wall decoration Wholesale factory. In this case, redecorate a corner of the environment to transform it into a place that stimulates creativity, develops manual skills and spatial skills of girls and boys.

For this, gather toys and furniture specially designed to meet their needs and size. Among the good ideas are:

– Shelf to display toys and accessories, with an appropriate size so that the child can reach both items;

– Bed in the shape of a house;

  – High bed with ladder to go up and slide to go down;

– Table and tables for playing and drawing;

– Puffs for reading time;

– Bookshelf with appropriate books for each age, aiming to keep these materials on display and encourage contact.

Art exposition with cast iron wall decoration Wholesale factory

It is common for children in the phase before learning to write and read like to train on the walls of the house. With that in mind, customize your bedroom decor with a sample of their talent. You need cast iron wall decoration Wholesale factory. 

During childhood, they often love to do handicrafts, including arts with paints, modeling clay, pencils and crayons. In this way, you can stimulate the production of options that will be destined for display in the bedroom.

You can provide boards to display drawings, as well as install a clothesline and several fasteners to expose many of the works. Another creative alternative is to paint one of the walls so that it looks like a blackboard, encouraging children to use that wall in their room to produce their own arts.

Give a playful touch to the room décor

Use elements of the environment itself to create the mood. It's a piece of furniture, like a bed with a fun design, or a versatile decorative object, like a mosquito net that decorates and also serves to play.

They are very similar, but have very different functions and positions in the decoration of environments. Coffee, side and side tables can vary greatly in model, color, material.

To choose the best option for you, learn more about cast iron wall decoration Wholesale factory.

Center table

Generally the largest of the three types, the coffee table is the most traditional model for decorating a room. As its name suggests, it is right in the middle of the environment and can be used to support everything from decorative objects to items of constant use.

Precisely because it is fixed in space, it is usually more robust and not so flexible to change places all the time. Therefore, when choosing, consider the style of the environment to choose a coffee table that can fill the decor. Neutral and minimalist pieces, finished in wood or glass, are good options to decorate in any style you want to adopt for the living room.

Living room wall decoration

However, if your living room is small, the coffee table may not be the best choice. It can interfere with circulation and instead of making everyday life easier.

 It can be a hindrance to decoration. The distance from the coffee table to the sofa and armtables must be at least 40 cm, with a height lower than or equal to the seats. Its width also needs to be harmonious in the environment, being at least half the size of the sofa.

Support desk

Appreciated for its versatility, the side table already moves more freely around the living room. Small, lighter and adjustable on some models, it can be placed in any space where you need to support cups, cups and even your notebook when you need to work at home and want more comfort.

 This type of table is also flexible, as it can even be designed from a stool. In turn, upon receiving guests, he can return to his original role.

Summary cast iron wall decoration Wholesale factory

If you are going to choose the side table by finishing material, think first about which function you will prioritize for the furniture. If you support food plates, cups and even plants, opt for more resistant materials such as glass, metal, stone or melamine for your side table.

On the other hand, wooden and marble tables are more sensitive to water and can stain. In this case, they are good options for supporting items that do not risk soiling their surface.