Why do you need bathroom wall decor ideas factory?
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In addition to bringing comfort, the bathroom's room must convey safety and reflect the child's attitudes. The colors are more than welcome, leaving the environment cheerful. Bathroom wall decor ideas factory serve as support for paintings and illustrations with playful themes and child references.

Don't forget that little ones grow up fast! The decoration must foresee the next stages of the young person, avoiding the need for drastic changes in the environment. In this article we bring tips and everything you need to know about decorating a bathroom's room. Check out!

Bathroom's wall decor ideas factory

Why not encourage the little one's creativity with objects that stimulate art, the brain and that are fun at the same time? In this context, the blackboards in the bathroom's room play an important role. Every child loves it, and many adults do too, providing moments of approximation between parents and bathroom, which have fun with the doodles.

 The slates can be in the most diverse sizes and colors, even occupying entire walls. The blackboard in the shape of a circle escapes from the traditional “blackboard frame” and the blue color harmonizes with the rest of the decoration. Bring a subtle, creative, fun and functional touch with bathroom wall decor ideas factory!

How to redefine bathroom wall decor ideas?

Niches in the bathroom's room are very welcome. It is possible to “play” with the different formats, colors and fills. The niche itself can be an interesting decorative piece or serve as a support for other playful accessories and/or with themes that refer to the child's preferences.

There are no rules and creativity is the limit! Of course, everything must harmonize. The formats, for example, can be the most varied: square, round, rectangular or even diamonds, triangles and other geometric figures.

 It all depends on the theme and style of decoration

 The rectangular niches are interesting because they allow you to accommodate a greater number of accessories, decorative items or even a sequence of books to form a small bathroom's library.

Round bathroom's room niches, although decorative, are not so practical to support objects. Bathroom wall decor ideas factory serve as a support for dolls or teddy bears, for example.

As the bathroom's bedroom wall is usually colored, white niches usually make a great composition, bringing contrast and breaking the monotony of the wall. Even with wallpapers the white niche harmonizes. The tip is to leave the background hollow, leaving the back wall itself exposed, and further highlighting the niche frame.


Wallpaper for Bathroom Decor

Wallpaper in bathroom's rooms gives that special touch to the decor! It brings a cozy feeling and, depending on the theme, can be quite fun. But be careful! Wallpaper will have a very strong influence on the decoration of the bathroom's room as a whole.

 That's why it's important to know how to choose. Start by defining the predominant colors of the environment so that everything is in harmony.

Hiring bathroom wall decor ideas factory allows you to choose to cover all the walls of the room, just one wall or just a strip (splitting the wall horizontally). It is possible, for example, to place the strip of paper on the lower half of the wall and paint the upper half, or vice versa.


On the dividing line it is possible to place a bar (a narrow strip) of another paper, as long as everything is in composition.

Example of neutral wallpaper for bathroom's room

Highlight for the glass blackboard in the first environment (an interesting alternative to the traditional blackboard).

How to décor bathroom wall for girls?

The number 1 rule for girls' bedroom decor is to let your daughter in on it all! With this, she will identify more with the environment, in addition to being a great opportunity to have fun together with the girl, strengthening ties between mother and daughter.

 It is important that she has an opinion on the position of furniture, colors and other details.

With rule number 1 in mind, let's get to the bathroom wall decor ideas factory! The traditional pink is still the favorite color among the girls, but don't forget that the little ones grow up fast and soon get sick of the dolls, toys and also the tones that refer to this phase, such as baby pink, for example.

An alternative is stronger, more vibrant pink

 Purple and lilac are welcome! Even blue, considered a masculine option, can be used in composition with other tones. The important thing is to be aware that the decoration of a female bathroom's room has evolved a lot and has come to accept different tones and combinations.

Choose Best Bathroom wall decor ideas factory Theme

If the decoration follows a theme, this will also influence the choice of colors. Themes can be: ballerina, a favorite character (eg, Disney's Frozen), flowers, mermaid, owls, butterflies, etc.

Don't forget the bathroom wall decor ideas factory mirror! A girl's room needs a large mirror as she will spend a lot of time in front of it. A good spot is on the closet door. The environment allows for more than one mirror, as in a dressing table for example.

Despite the “clean” fashion in decoration, the female bathroom's room is an environment that allows you to escape this trend a little. If there's any place in the house where we can abuse the details, it's in the girl's room, if that's her will, of course! So, pay attention to the details. Pay attention to pillows, niches, wallpapers, curtains, lampshades, rugs, etc.

Our Recommendation

Bathroom wall decor ideas factory commented above on the importance of stimulating creativity with whiteboards in the bedroom. In addition to the blackboard, another interesting item that also encourages creation is the photo panel in the female bathroom's room.

They can be photos of friends, family, the dog or even taken from magazines. It's a personal touch that makes the environment more personalized and welcoming, in addition to stimulating the child's creativity, which can play with the different frames and arrangement of the portraits.


Rule number 1 remains the same: listen to the boy and his preferences! Let him participate in everything. This participation of the child in creating their own environment is very important.

With regard to colors, the traditional blue is still preferred and can be combined with several other shades, such as yellow, red, and beige, among others. Below we show a male bathroom's room in predominantly blue and yellow tones.